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  1. 2012.02.20 Korea View : Busan Downtown Night View at Seomyeon

Korea View : Busan Downtown Night View at Seomyeon


I went to Seomyeon  to hang out with my friend. We went to Seomyeon 1st street(서면 1번가), entered into one casual dining & pub called T-box. I post about this place later. Anyway, I had a great time there.



Seomyeon is the most crowded downtown in Busan. Busan citizen usually gather and make a appointment here. There are several downtowns in busan including Nampodong, Busan university, Kyungsung university, and more. But when we talk about the representative downtown, we do mention Seomyeon for our first place.

The gravitation power of Seomyeon is its locational advantage. It situated at the center of Busan. Wherever you are in Busan, even an edge of Busan, you can reach there within 1 hour.(I didn’t count the traffic at peak time.)

It’s huge, busy, and crowded. Thanks to its popularity, the commerce spontaneously developed. You can do almost everything here. Movies, restaurants, coffees, garaokes, pocket ball, billiards, shooting, dvd, pubs, bars, clubs, and whatever.

I take some snapshots at Seomyeon at center of 1st street.(서면 1번가)



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