Korean Food : Nak gob sae (Nakji bokkeum) : Small octopus + Beef instestine + Shrimp

Nak gob sae (Nakji bokkeum)

My b-friend and I went to a
 Nakji bokkem restaurant near my house. There were several menus including Stir-fried small octompus(Nakji bokkem), Stir-fried small optopus with shrimp(Nak-sae), Spicy small octopus with bean strouts (Mae-un Kongnamul nakji).

I chose Nak-gob-sae, one of my favorite Korean food, consisting of samll octopus, beef intestine and shrimps. The name was driven by initials of each ingredient, Nakji(octobpus), Gobchang(intestine) and Saewoo(Shrimp).

nakjiThey serve an enormous amount of rice in this area. You cannot eat this all.


Waiting for this to be done,
I asked my b-friend to make a pity face
for fun.

How cure!

Look so Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
But sadly, I couldn't save one strip of noodle, it burnt and died... Sorry....... : (

nakjiDone, we usually top it on the rice and mix them. And then you just enjoy it!!

Nakji Bokkeum

Nakji Bokkeum is a spicy octopus dish. Octopus tentacles are cut into pieces and it is stir-fried with spicy red pepper paste(gochujang), sesame oil, red pepper powder, green onions, carrots and onions. As Octopus is considered as a healthy ingredient in Korea, people come to eat when they feel weak and frail. It's a Korean energy food!

Caution: It can be felt too spicy for foreinger sometimes. So you should ask a staff to make it less spicy, or you should dilute it with water while eating.

But it's a famous and delicious dish in Korea, so you must try it.

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