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Noodle : Chicken Soup Ramen, Kkokkomyeon : Yacult in Korea




Kkokkomyeon ★★★★☆

Company : Yakult
Weight : 120g

Main Ingredients:


noodle : wheat flour, palm oil, potato starch, modified starch, salt, gluten, etc
soup : chicken soup base, sugar, fine salt, chicken stock, starch, spring onion, egg, pepper, etc

Nutrition Facts : 520 kcal
(serving size: 120g)

Total Carbohydrate 80g(24%) (Sugar 5g)
Protein 9g(15%)
Total Fat 18g (36%) (saturated fat 11g/Trans-fat 0g)
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 1750mg(88%)

Variation : No variation
Similar Product : Nagasaki JJambbong

a published article about Kkokkomyeon

Foodstoryist Review


Color & Texture
: pale yellow soup, transparent and pale noodle
                             smooth, chewy and sticky noodle texture.

Taste : The soup is based on chicken stock. Beyond your expectation, it’s quite rich in flavors. It has sweetness, saltiness, uami and spiciness in one spoon. Staring at soup, I see tiny chicken flakes and chopped spring onions floating upon. 

Due to its soup color, you might think it’s not at all spicy. When I study the soup throughly, I see molecular dots of spices. If you are sensitive to spiciness, you will find the hidden and treacherlous spiciness inside the pale yellow soup.(If you eat it with your Korean friends, they could dare to add extra peppers in it. Stop them.)

Noodle seems to contain more potato starch than normal ramen. It is more transparent and  smoother. Exaggerating, I feel as if I eat potato noodles. It tastes less oily and feel like healthy, on the other hand, it seems over-cooked without oil coating. 


Pros :
White color soup is a very experimental trial in Koreanramen industry that red color soups dominate. Thanks to its revolutional attempt, consumers could experience something extraordinary. You as a foreigner might not understand reason why Korean fell in love with this white soup. If curious, just look around the ramen corner at the discount store. You will see the selves full of red color. That’s the reason. I appreciate its revolt.

Cons : As an instant food it approached, it sells on low cost basis. In other words, less costs, less ingredients. The inventor, the famous gagman Gyunggyu Lee, added more abundant ingredients to enrich the flavors and to enhance nutrition in its original recipe. However, the company minimized the product considering the competitors’ market prices and consumers’ purchase behaviors. If you want to taste the real Kkokkomyeon, I recommend add chopped spring onion, peppers, or an egg.

It contains high volume of sodium. It has 1750mg that occupies 88% of daily value. The figure is higher than normal ramen, so the producer stated on the package that “To reduce the sodium intake, you adjust the amount of soup powder at your tastes.” They already seemed to notify the probable complaints about high sodium contain. You’d better leave some soup in order not to drink 1 liter of water after.

How to cook Kkokkomyeon

1. Boil the 500ml of water.
2. Add noodle, soup powder and flakes, put high heat for 4 minutes.

<delicious cooking tips>

1. 500ml of water is vital(Use a water bottle of 500ml, at your convenience)
2. Add a whole egg(or only egg white) while cooking. Never stir.
3. Put chopped (Cheongyang) peppers into it.



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Korean food : In Winter, My Mom's Best Udon

In winter, shivering with cold and hunger, I just arrived home.

There is just one thing that comes to mind.

I look for Mom taking off my shoes.

“Mom, can you fix me a bowl of Udon?”

When I feel cold, I want to eat something that can warm my body. Noodle soup would be the best choice. I place my hand around the noodle bowl and melt my pinky frozen fingers. I grab my chopsticks and hold some string of noodles and suck it. After delight my mouth with chewy noodle and sip noodle warm soup embracing the bowl with both hands. It warms my hands as well as inside my body. 

Udon in Korea

Udon is a thick wheat flour noodle with hot noodle soup originated from Japan. It became popular in Korea long ago, so there are some Korean who think Udon is Korean traditional soup. Korean Udon has fewer variations compared to Japanese Udon.

Popular in Winter

The Udon popularity in winter in Korea is proved by the sales records. Instant udon sales in winter is twice as much as that in summer. The companies produce almost twice many products in winter. No doubt Udon is representative winter food in Korea.

There are three ways we, Koreans, consume Udon
Snack bar, Udon restaurant, Instant Udon at home.

The first place we eat udon was at a snack bar. These bars carry not only Udon, but also other snacks such as Ramen, Cold noodle, dumplings, rice and so on. It means they regard Udon as one quick prepared snack. You can eat Udon in high way station(휴게소). They serve instant Udon cooked in a short time and fill a driver’s empty stomach. The taste of Udon are not delicate at all, but quite satisfying considered as a fast food.

Second,  at Udon specialized restaurant. we started pursuing more valued noodle taste there. Franchise Udon restaurants such as Jang-udon appeared in Korea and introduced various kinds of Udon to Korea. Later on 2000, customers began to want more sophisticated Udon. To meet the market needs, individually own restaurants were opened by chefs trained in Japan or who benchmarked Japanese Udon restaurants. They provide high class Udon satisfying Korean consumers taste-buds.

Third, Instant Udon intruded into Korean kitchen. Instant Udon, Saengsaeng Udon(생생우동), was approached by Nongsim company in November, 1995, and it has been continuously highly sold till now. Almost Koreans around my age must know the well-known ad copy, “The soup is finishing(국물이 끝내줘요.)”.It literally means that soup comes to the end(full) of your satisfaction, so it finishes you. Implying, the soup is awesome. Through this commercial copy, Saengsaeng Udon(생생우동) became the number one instant udon in Korea.(If you say ‘Gukmul is keun-nae-jueo-you’, your Korean friend will definitely be atonished.)


Saengsaeng Udon Commercial Copy Link

After Saengsaeng Udon has hit the market

There appeared follower items from competitor companies. Most of them couldn't break the dominance of the leader product, so CJ launched Japan traditional instant udon targeting at the niche premium market in 2000. It was carried and stored in the fridge compared to Saengsaeng displayed in the room temperature. It was fresher and more chewy than preserved products. 4 years later, it attained the top of korean udon market having sold 10 million for 4 years. It still stay on the best selling instant Udon and plan exporting to adjacent countries.

My mom’s instant noodle

I remember all types of Udon that I said above
;a snack bar udon, highway udon, restaurant udon, and instant udon. What do I like the best? In terms of the taste, undoubtedly, udon restaurant serve the savory udon bowl with well harmonized flavors.

But, I would say, to me, my mom’s instant noodle in the evening is the best udon. After coming home from school shuddering in the freezing cold day, I eat mom made Udon. Although it’s instant mass produced by a company, my mom adds her warm-hearts to the udon, and yummy small talk as a side dish. It is my best family udon of my life.   

This Winter,
I hope you have your best Udon with your family!




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