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  1. 2012.02.07 Korean Cookbook : They Beauty of Korea food : With 100 best-loved recipes.

They Beauty of Korea food : With 100 best-loved recipes.

I bought a new cookbook about Korean Cuisine.
I wanted by an authorized book with proved standard recipes although I have several Korean food recipe books. I could find this book after a long search of one. It is called

They Beauty of Korea food : With 100 best-loved recipes.


korean cookbook

This book was written by Institute of Traditional Korea Food. As the Korean government has been making an effort to promote Korean food. They started a project called Research and Development Project for Standardization of Korean Cuisine.

This book was made for standardizing recipes so that any foreigner can easily cook Korean food. It describes specific techniques from the preparation to the final garnishes. It also contains several stories related to Korean foods. so you can have better understanding of food origin.

This book consists of three chapters including an overview of Korea food, The basics of cooking Korean food, and Standard recipes for 100 Korean food. All the things are explained with numerous pictures.

1. an overview of Korean food


korean cookbook

2. Basics of cooking Korean food

korean cookbook

3. Standard recipes for 100 Korean food

korean cookbook

korean cookbook

The ingredients and quantity, recipe(Preparation, recipe), tips with pictures.

This is not a trendy and best selling Korean food at the restaurant. They are Korean home food which Korean people have grown up with. Food which Mom made at home, and which was only prepared for special occasions. If you look for a book about basic Korean food, this is exactly the book with precisely measured by the measuring materials.

Where to Buy online

The Beauty of Korean Food at the Amazone(Bookstore Out of Korea)
The Beauty of Korean Food at the Yes24(Bookstore In Korea)

* I am writing this post to introduce this book to foreign Korean food lovers. Not for my sake.
   If this post is against the copyrights law, I am willing to erase it.
   Please inform me of it. Thank you so much. 

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