Korean Anniversary: Make a Cake in Theme Cafe in Korea.

Do you want to something special on anniversary?

You want to give your special cake for your love? but you don't know how to bake, what to prepare, and anything going with cake baking?

Don't worry about anything.

You just come visit the place and you can bring out with your own cake. There is no need for baking knowledge, baking tools, garments, or even ingredients. Everything is prepared to you for your very first attempt.

I’d love to introduce you theme cafe that you can make your own cake!


Where can I make my own cake?

There are numerous places to make throughout Korea, in Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Jeonju, and other provinces. There are many, of course, in Seoul metropolitan, and Busan as well. Only one or two places in other provinces.

I will introduce one place in Busan, and link some other web-sites in Korea. If you don't read Korean, you need help to understand some part, or the location, just inquire me at your comfort. I always welcome any questions. 

1.  Busan Hayang Kamang Review: http://foodstoryist.tistory.com/52

2. Franchise Cake Baking Theme Cafe

- Micake(미케익) :http://www.micake.kr/reservation/res_list.php
(Seoul, Busan, GyungGi, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Cheonan, Ulsan,etc)

- Dan hana (단 하나 케익) : http://www.cakedan.com/shop_1.php
(Seoul, Busan, GyungGi, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Cheonan, Ulsan, Cheongju, Seosan, Jeonju, Gunsan, Wonju, Chunchoen, Changwon, Kyungju, Pohang, Gumi, Andong, etc)

Procedure to make your own cake at the cafe.

First of all, you need to go to the cafe, of course. You don't have to bring any stuff such as aprons, baking tools, or ingredients, but your warm-heart for the receiver. You can go alone or with your company.

(It is recommendable to make a reservation on the public special day such as Valentine’s day or christmas day since everyone wants to experience something unique like this.)

, you should choose which to decorate, it means that you have many options like the cream types, shapes, and sizes of cake. It presents as fresh cream cake, dome-shaped cake, green colored cake, chocolate cake, and so on. Be aware that you are given a cream covered sponge cake, genoise, so you can decorate it immediately. (There’s cookie-making option as well. You can also decorate some cookies with chocolate pens if you choose. I will talk about it the following day.)

Third, you buy additional ingredients to attach to your cake. Everyone wants their own cake design and need a variety of garnishes and decorations. People should buy some sprinkles such as jimmies, sanding sugar and pearl sugar, and chocolate products such as flakes, fractions and so on.

you start using your potential, but not-still-discovered talents on decorating. Some cafes give instruction about how to make looking good, but others don't. It is better to think about the design of the cake or draw the image before coming. Most visitors are beginner in baking, but they sometimes dare to decorate the top without any pondering. Their cakes turn out to be terrible different from their expectation and feel unsatisfied with their piece. I suggest that you briefly draw it on the paper before giving a touch on the cake.

Lastly, You place it in the cake box and head to your love. Enjoy delicious cake celebrating your unique cake of the world.


Tips for the first trial

1. Draw your cake image before decorating it.Be attentive carrying it, and ask the clerk if it places firm with ring on the bottom. (My cake was moved to the right due to lack of the fastening-ring)

2. Choose less expensive base cake, and spend money on decoration more if you are economical. The more you spend on deco, the more fantastic your cake will be.

3. It takes around 1 hour or maximum 2 hours to complete decorating.

4. Don’t expect the cake a lot successful. You are not a professional patissier, so you cannot make as a good cake as a pattissier can. Just enjoy the baking process with your company and the result made by your love.

On the anniversary,
Let's make a special memory with a special cake!

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Tea : Revolution Tea Bag, Bombai Chai Tea : Caffe Bene in Korea


Bombai Chai tea ★★★★☆
봄배이 차이

Cafe : Caffe bene
Size & Price : Regular & 4,000won
Main Ingredients: cinnamon chips, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and Asam
Nutrition Facts : 7 kcal

Variation : black tea

Foodstoryist Review

Color : As dark as brewed Assam

Taste : I can smell various spicy and flowery scents from it. I feel as if I am drawn to mysterious exotic place. I imagine myself sitting on the colorful carpeting with indian costumes in the animation film aladdin.
Sniffing into the cup, I smell incense burning and shove myself somewhere in middle east country. I become an explorer who just claws my path through the crowded and hectic street market.

Sipping a bit, flowery perfumed water just floods into my mouth. I just enjoy a morsel of splendid journey. I want its feeling to stay longer, so I keep tea inside my mouth for a long time. When it expires its flavor life, I just let go into my throat.
Tannin is less than I thought. It tastes clean rather than bitter although tea was based on Assam. Haha, of course, as I let the tea bag inside, it becomes like a poison. I had to put out of it when it’s brewed enough.



Pros : Chai usually needs more care to make, for it has more ingredients such as a certain sort of black tea and spices. Spices include cinnamon, gingers, nutmegs, cloves, and cardamon, which are not daily sprinkles.
Chai in Caffe bene gives good sensational taste. I didn’t expect that much from tea bagged Chai. However, it tastes good and interesting enough to enjoy my afternoon tea time.   

Cons : As I mentioned above, it goes strong and bitter as time goes by. It’s nature to be thicken. I was able to put it out, but they didn’t give me a tea bag tray, so I had no choice but to let it stay in the cup. I hope Caffe bene provides tea bag tray for customer.

Food Pairing :

Pineapple pie and Chai

You cut a piece of pineapple pie. You smell sweet pineapple, buttery pastry and pungent cinnamon scent all together. When you just melt as pie melt in your mouth. You sip a cup of Chai. First, the spice odor of Chai meets cinnamon of the pie. Then, the Assam tea cleans up all mixture of them. Enjoy the exotic and luscious harmony! 


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A Cafe : Coffee and Donuts, Dunkin donuts : Franchise in Korea


던킨 도너츠

Food : ★★☆ Delicious
Atmosphere: ★★☆ Enjoyable
Service : ★★☆ Attached

Donut Cafe / Fast Food Cafe

BR Korea, a huge food service corporation in Korea, was associated with Dunkin international to launch Dunkin donuts in Korea in 1993. It opened the first store at Itaewon in 1994, continued opening and reached to 635 stores in 2009. It leads the donut market competing with crispy donut and Mr.Donut, but it remain dominant empowered by its sturdy chain system of the BR group. It promotes ‘premium fresh donuts’ emphasizing use of sunflower seed oil after the trans-fat issue standing as the leader of the market.

 “First of all, Dunkin donuts stores are highly accessible, since it has about 700 stores in Korea. I come by here every now and then, when I feel like going to cafe. I feel assured to its standardized and trustful tastes and services. It always shows new products every season, and I cannot wait new ones. This year cutely tree shaped donuts for Christmas also delight me. Furthermore, it carries high quality coffee that suits for its donuts, and it betters the donut taste. "

" However, it’s been more than 15 years since it appeared in Korea, it pursues kinda stubborn brand design for several years. I think it needs changing of the interior and exterior of the store to catch up with ceaselessly changing trend. "

For Foreign Foodies 

Must Eat Menu
: Boston cream / Strawberry filled / Honey Fritter

Very Korean Menu

   Chestnut&redbean filled donut                           Redbean paste filled rice-donut



Spiciness(Donut) : ◇◇◇◇◇(Not at all)
English : ◆◆◇(Menu written in English)

Menu :
Munchkins(250won), Filled donut(1100~1500won), Ring Donut(1000~1300won), Americano(3000won), Black Original(1900won)

Opens : 8:00~23:00 (It depends on the store ±1hour)
location : at Itaewon, gate 3, next to the starbucks
phone : 02-795-7413  /address : 127-2, Iteawon 1dong, Yongsangu, Seoul
Budget : around 5000 won( 1 drink + 1 donut )
homepage : http://www.dunkindonuts.co.kr/
Branch visited :(around 700stores) Sajik, Busan

<Restaurant exterior and interior>


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A Cafe : Barista hand drip coffee, Hands Coffee : Franchise in Korea


Hands Coffee

핸즈 커피

Food : ★★★ Fantastic
Atmosphere:★★★ Fantastic
Service : ★★☆  Touched

Drip Coffee / Drip Coffee Specialized Cafe

Hands coffee was established in Daegu with the thought that coffee was a blessing from God. God gave people coffee from his hands as a gift. Openheartedness, sympathy, and knowledge are what Hands coffee provide best to customers. This is a place where people gain new vitality while communicating with  loved ones. It is a place where it is as bright and cozy as southern France with full of sunshine. Baristas will serve with the perfect cup of coffee.

"Drip coffee, this special coffee specializes this place, Hands coffee. There exist thousands and thousands coffee shops in Korea, and also a hundred(a bit over stating) franchise cafes, but it’s hard to find a hand-drip coffee shop here. I expected Hands coffee to serve the high quality coffee that differentiates itself from other cafes."

"The first feeling of here is casual and bright with jaunty jazz coming out. Then, it shows warm yellow and walnut color mixed interior. Some parts are emphasized by red and green colors. I feel as if in european cafe decorated for christmas, red, green, yellow and dark wood."

"After fully enjoying the atmosphere, I approach to the bar to order. I choose the green tea latte to warm and delight me with this sweet comfort. I see the sign that it provides one refill coffee, and smile. I sip one morsel of sweet green tea and read a book. The distance between tables is far enough to feel private. It’s a good thing."

"Later, as time pass by, I get another cup of coffee. I relax myself leaning back to the cushion listening rhythmical jazz sound. It is a pleasant experience."

For Foreign Foodies 

Must Eat Menu : Drip Coffee
                  (Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Yigacheffe, Limu, Kenya, Koke)

Very Korean Menu : Green Tea Latte, 

                      Sweet Potato Latte,
Spiciness : ◇◇◇◇◇ (Not at all),
English : ◆◆◇ (Menu written in English)

Menu : Handdrip coffee(5,000~6,000won), Americano(3,800won), European Cappuccino(4,800won), Cafe Latte(4,800won), Green Tea Cappuccino(5,000won), Frappuccino(5,800won) Decaffeinated Coffee(5,000won), Sherbert(6,000~7,500won),Sandwiches(5,000~6,000won), Cake(3,500won)

Opens : 10:30~24:00 Sunday off (depends on stores)
Location : Beom-eo station gate 7 in Daegu
Phone : 053-753-3476
Address : 138-1, SuseongHaits Sangga, Suseonggu, Daegu
Budget : around 5,000won (1drink)
Homepage : www.handscoffee.com
Branch visited : Busan university, Busan

<Restaurant exterior and interior>


이 장소를 Daum지도에서 확인해보세요.
대구광역시 수성구 수성4가동 | Hands Coffee
도움말 Daum 지도

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  1. Favicon of http://www.jaketjfleece.com/ BlogIcon toko jaket 2012.11.05 22:49  댓글주소  수정/삭제  댓글쓰기

    난 당신이 게시물에 대한 도입 한 모든 아이디어를 생각 않습니다. 그들은 정말 설득력하고 확실히 작동합니다. 그럼에도 불구하고, 게시물 초보자를위한 매우 빠른입니다. 당신이 그들에게 이후의 시간에서 조금 연장 할 수 있을까요? 게시물에 대한 감사합니다.

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    우리는 자원 봉사자의 그룹이며, 지역 사회에 새로운 방식을 열어. 귀하의 웹 사이트에서 작동하는 귀중한 정보를 우리에게 제공했습니다. 당신은 무서운 일을 한 우리의 전체 사회는 당신에게 감사합니다.

I got a takeout coffee from here!
Its just 3000 won for an americano!
A good price! I want to come here again!!!

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A Cafe : New Coffee Menu, Tom N Toms : Franchise in Korea


탐 앤 탐스

Food : ★★☆ Delicious (Rather differentiated)
Atmosphere:★★☆ Enjoyable
Service : ★★☆  Touched

Coffee & Pretzel / Franchise Cafe

TONMNTOMS COFFEE is a professional coffee franchise brand. It strives to satisfy customers with the rich taste and aroma of high quality coffee extracted through its own roasting technology, offering pretzels baked right in the shop, good people and a comfortable atmosphere. TOMSNTOMS COFFEE is a global coffee business in the Uninted States, Australia, China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


Tomntoms is a cafe. Walking along the street, I suddenly feel like sipping a cup of coffee. I look around and there is a cafe. Its deep walnut color exterior and logo get along with the surroundings. Even inside the cafe, you feel cozy with the color mixture of deep brown, warm ivory, dark green, and glowing lights. Its feeling is the same with that of its round logo. On the wall, illustrations catch my eyes. Listening flowing jazz and the bean-grounding buzzing sound invigorate the mood of the cafe.

Tomntoms offers a number of varieties of food and beverages. On the menu, the unfamiliar beverage names are laid, and makes me curious about them. They seem to change Frappuccino to TomNccino. Its creativeness interests me as well. Not only the name they challenged, but also the new taste they created. Such as Pecan pralines, Walnutccino, Blackberry(and Rasberry) Italian Soda, and so on. They provide new cafe snack, Pretzel, that no cafe ever tried. They even diversified the pretzel dishes adding flavors and garnishes. Its novelty excites me bored of the unified menu in cafes.

In terms of atmosphere, the design of stores is rather too ordinary, so I defined, at the first, Tomntoms as ‘a cafe’. It positively works as a comfortable and attaching feeling to customers, but negatively no impression to them. The emphasizing symbol should be invented to strengthen its character.

On the menu, I hardly find the Korean menu. It, as a Korean orginated cafe, should have provided korean style menu.
According to the homepage, it exports to other countries including USA, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand. I don't know if they offer korean menu there. I just highly recommend developing Korean products. I ascertain that for Tomntoms to become a leading company based on Korea, it should perform social responsibilities introducing Korean food and culture and exporting Korean materials.

For Foreign Foodies 

Must Eat Menu
:  GreenMint Mocha(or Choco) TomNccino,

                          Vanila TomNccino,
                          Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte,
Very Korean Menu : Sweet Potato Latte, Crysanthemum Tea

Spiciness : ◇◇◇◇◇ (Not at all)
English : ◆◆◇ (Menu written in English)

Menu : Americano(3,600won), Cappuccino(3,900won), Cafe Latte(3,900won), Vanilla Latte(4,300won), Premium yogurt smoothie(5,300won), Premium smoothie(4,800won)TomNccino(5,800won)

Main Shop

Opens :
24hour open

Location : Sinsa, Seoul
Phone : 02-542-5517
Address : Hanyang town 1st floor, 665-1, Sinsadong, Gangnam gu, Seoul
Budget : around 5,000won (1drink)
Homepage : http://www.tomntoms.com/

Branch visited : Sajik, Busan

<Restaurant exterior and interior>


Map: sinsa main shop

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Cafe : healthy Food, Green Tea Latte : Hands Coffee in Korea

green tea

Green Tea Latte


Cafe : Hands Coffee
Size & Price : Regular(330ml) & 5000won

Main Ingredients: Green Tea, Milk, Sugar
Nutrition Facts : 260 kcal(regular size)

Variation : Sweet potato Latte
Similar Product : Green tea Latte

green tea

Foodstoryist Review

Color & Texture : Dark Green(like cooked peas)
                   Smooth foam on the top and milky medium body

Taste : When I first sip, green tea’s bitter taste comes into my mouth and then follows with sugary taste. I can feel the thick green tea, and it must contain a spoonful of green tea powder. Exaggerating, I feel as if I keep one spoon of green tea in the mouth. In other words, you taste quite bitterness of tannin. However, the sugary sweetness soothes it and the milk cover both up. Finally, you appreciate the blending of the opposites. It is kind of fun enjoying the mixture of quite contrary characters, bitter and sweet. Also, milk is busy meditating and embracing them with its smooth and cozy body. Interesting.


green tea

green tea

Pros : It tastes very green tea with high green tea powder contain. The mixture of bitterness and sweetness make distinctive flavors that separates from espresso variations common in cafe. It can be a pleasurable option trying something ditching. It also has health benefits since it is made of well-being green teaand nutritious milk.(According to its homepage, it uses 100% organic green tea, it can’t be better.)

Cons : The extent of sweetness varies depending on the store. The green tea latte in Hands coffee was definitely too sweet.(Actually, it is why I remove one star of the rating above.) If you wish to have healthy effects as well as tastes, you must ask the staff to less sweeten it.

Food Pairing

Vanilla Wafer and Green Tea Latte

Green tea is a bit bitter, sweet, smooth, and warm milky beverage. It has its intricate flavor, so the matching food should be rather simple. Green tea is very smooth, so it need something crunchy feeling of the pair. The entire feeling of it is very warm and cozy, so the match’d better feels similar. It meant the pairing food should be a bit crunchy and soft in flavor. I thought the vanilla wafer was meant to be with this green tea.

Yes, It is a fantastic match harmonizing. If green tea is too sweet, then try with wafer without flavor, and if it’s not sweet, with vanilla or chocolate wafer. You will love it for sure.

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