Korean Fruit : Winter Strawberries in Season?

strawberry korea

Mom and I went shopping to the grocery store.

Recently I kept eating fast food or instant meal, and I lacked vitamins on my diet. I needed some fruit to get deficient nutritions. So, we walked to the fruit section.


The racks with orange color of mandarine was replaced by fresh-red of strawberries. Vivid red skin dotted with tiny seeds looked so attractive. Without hesitation, I loaded a box of strawberries onto my cart. Strawberry in Winter...

Suddenly, I recalled the time I had an activity of picking strawberries in Australia. But it was in early summer, or maybe in late spring. I wore a short-sleeve shirt and short pants. I sweated on the forehead underneath my cap, squatting along the strawberry bush, under the scorching sun. But here in Korea, Winter strawberry??

“Mom, are strawberries in season now?"
I asked to mom with a inquisitive look. Mom seemed puzzled at first by abruptness and started pondering for a while.

“Yes, it’s funny. I don’t know exactly when they started to sell winter strawberries. Because they began growing strawberries in a green house. We called it shortly ‘house strawberry.”

I nodded, grinning. I heard of green house fruits from news. But why did they do that?

“Mom, why people grow strawberries in winter,
  instead of in summer?”

Mom again fell into her thought, with her eyes rolling. She took some time to arrange her answer and opened her mouth.

“Until 1980, strawberries were in season in early June. But as green houses spreaded, the time got earlier and earlier. And finally, strawberries are on peak in January and February.”

The answer was as clear as my mom’s personality. I understood what she explained, but still I had a quizzical thing in the head. I hastened to ask mom without any paused moment. Because I was afraid that mom felt bothered by my subsequent questions.

“Mom, why do people prefer strawberries in winter?”

Mom smiled to me as if she treated a small child. In fact, I was so curious like a little kid who continued asking her mom countless questions.

“Because, in winter, it takes longer time for strawberries to ripe. It makes strawberries become sweeter and less sour, in other words, very good quality.”  

Mom and I came home with plastic bags on both hands. Yes, also with a box of strawberries. Putting stuff to its right place, I realized this.

Recently I kept watching comedy or meaningless dramas, and I lacked requisite study in my life. I thought I needed not only some fruit, but also knowledge to nourish my brain. So, I walked to the book shelves.



According to a research from Rural Development Administration, the winter strawberry gives 12.5 Bx of sweet level, comparatively spring one gives 10Bx. In addition, The acidity of winter strawberry is 0.7%, while That of spring one is 1%. 

1kg of winter strawberries = 21880won in the supermakets(where I shopped.) : price


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Korean Food :  Szechuan-Style Chinese Black Bean Source : CJ in Korea

Black Bean Source

Szechuan-Style Chinese Black Bean Source
CJ 사천 짜장

As you can see, it's a variation of CJ Curry that I have reviewd.
It was good. Nothing to add more.
A little bit disappointment for its too less vegetable contents

Nutrition Facts
Black Bean Source
Black Bean Source

Refer to CJ Curry review here.
[FOOD REVIEW IN KOREA] - Food : Spicy CJ Hot Curry : CJ in Korea


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Korean Food : Korean Eat Only Rice? : Rice Consumption


Q. My Korean friend said ‘Koreans basically eat only rice meals throughout the day.’ Breakfast with rice, lunch with rice, and dinner with rice. It’s hard to believe. They should be sick of eating it all the time. Is that state true?

A. Basically, yes. You must be surprised by hearing this. But as your korean friend said, all korean meals are traditionally based on rice. You think we must be fed of it, mustn’t we? But we habitually eat rice for every meal and we don’t feel that awkward of it.

Bachelors in Korea often hope their wives for this.

I want to have warm soybean soup(된장찌개) made by my wife every morning.

This saying indicates that Koreans usually eat breakfast as an important meal and that includes soup and rice, of course. Rice at breakfast also means elaboration and affection from wives, since it takes long time to prepare them early in the morning.

There is another saying that show how important rice is for Korean.

Korean lives by Rice Power (밥심)

To conclude, the answer is Yes, Koreans eat rice 3 times a day even breakfast.

Q. But I see so many western foods in Korea. That must have affected the Korean food culture somewhat. What do you think of it?

A. You sharply pointed it out. Let’s focus on ‘basically and traditionally’ that I mentioned on my answer. In the past, all meals used to include rice even desserts. After western food was introduced to Korea, a new ingredient, wheat flour began to be used, and whole food market started to change.

At the current time, Koreans eat all types of international food from the world. It cannot be true anymore that Koreans eat only rice meals. Koreans began to eat toasts and cereals for their breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch and italian pasta and pizzas for dinner. They drink herb tea with chocolate cakes for dessert.

Korean Rice Consumption decreases.

Koreans eat definitely less rice compared to the past. According to the statistics, the rice consumption in Korea diminished from 80.7kg in 2005 to 72.8kg in 2010, The consumption per capita also reduced to 199g in 2010. Contrary to that, wheat flour consumption gradually increase from 31.8kg in 2005 to 35kg in 2010.

Korean Government Encourages Rice Eating.

Government makes great effort to protect rice production for 2 reasons.
First, Rice is a major food(grain) in Korea that sustains food industry. Rice is still a significant ingredient in Korean daily meals although its consumption is decreasing. The rice producers must survive the inflow of cheap rice from abroad so that Korea can retain sufficient food supply.

Secondly, Rice works an important role in Korean cuisine. As material products get abundant, cultural products get valued more. It’s certain that ethnic cuisine takes a great part in its culture. To get a better position in world market, Korea must keep its food culture based on rice, and that must be grown in Korea.

Korean government is holding several events and policies to cope with rice consumption decrease. They encourage companies to brand their rice putting more value on it with named by locals. They support companies to develop new rice-based food to meet consumers’ westernized tastes. That includes rice cheese cake, rice pancakes, rice bread, rice noodles, and more. They also stimulate citizens to eat breakfast with rice by announcing benefits of it.

korea rice
I love Korean food the most. I have grown up eating Korean food that’s embedded in culture. It’s not just about taste or health facts of food, but it’s about my childhood life with Korean food. Mom made love-filled breakfast with rice and soup in the morning. I love to recall those memories and I am willing to continue this memories to my children in the future.

I worry that Korean food culture seems to be faded away, being diluted with flow of western food. I will consume more Korean rice to support rice industry and to keep my culture and myself.


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Korean Anniversary: Make a Cake in Theme Cafe in Korea.

Do you want to something special on anniversary?

You want to give your special cake for your love? but you don't know how to bake, what to prepare, and anything going with cake baking?

Don't worry about anything.

You just come visit the place and you can bring out with your own cake. There is no need for baking knowledge, baking tools, garments, or even ingredients. Everything is prepared to you for your very first attempt.

I’d love to introduce you theme cafe that you can make your own cake!


Where can I make my own cake?

There are numerous places to make throughout Korea, in Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Jeonju, and other provinces. There are many, of course, in Seoul metropolitan, and Busan as well. Only one or two places in other provinces.

I will introduce one place in Busan, and link some other web-sites in Korea. If you don't read Korean, you need help to understand some part, or the location, just inquire me at your comfort. I always welcome any questions. 

1.  Busan Hayang Kamang Review: http://foodstoryist.tistory.com/52

2. Franchise Cake Baking Theme Cafe

- Micake(미케익) :http://www.micake.kr/reservation/res_list.php
(Seoul, Busan, GyungGi, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Cheonan, Ulsan,etc)

- Dan hana (단 하나 케익) : http://www.cakedan.com/shop_1.php
(Seoul, Busan, GyungGi, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Cheonan, Ulsan, Cheongju, Seosan, Jeonju, Gunsan, Wonju, Chunchoen, Changwon, Kyungju, Pohang, Gumi, Andong, etc)

Procedure to make your own cake at the cafe.

First of all, you need to go to the cafe, of course. You don't have to bring any stuff such as aprons, baking tools, or ingredients, but your warm-heart for the receiver. You can go alone or with your company.

(It is recommendable to make a reservation on the public special day such as Valentine’s day or christmas day since everyone wants to experience something unique like this.)

, you should choose which to decorate, it means that you have many options like the cream types, shapes, and sizes of cake. It presents as fresh cream cake, dome-shaped cake, green colored cake, chocolate cake, and so on. Be aware that you are given a cream covered sponge cake, genoise, so you can decorate it immediately. (There’s cookie-making option as well. You can also decorate some cookies with chocolate pens if you choose. I will talk about it the following day.)

Third, you buy additional ingredients to attach to your cake. Everyone wants their own cake design and need a variety of garnishes and decorations. People should buy some sprinkles such as jimmies, sanding sugar and pearl sugar, and chocolate products such as flakes, fractions and so on.

you start using your potential, but not-still-discovered talents on decorating. Some cafes give instruction about how to make looking good, but others don't. It is better to think about the design of the cake or draw the image before coming. Most visitors are beginner in baking, but they sometimes dare to decorate the top without any pondering. Their cakes turn out to be terrible different from their expectation and feel unsatisfied with their piece. I suggest that you briefly draw it on the paper before giving a touch on the cake.

Lastly, You place it in the cake box and head to your love. Enjoy delicious cake celebrating your unique cake of the world.


Tips for the first trial

1. Draw your cake image before decorating it.Be attentive carrying it, and ask the clerk if it places firm with ring on the bottom. (My cake was moved to the right due to lack of the fastening-ring)

2. Choose less expensive base cake, and spend money on decoration more if you are economical. The more you spend on deco, the more fantastic your cake will be.

3. It takes around 1 hour or maximum 2 hours to complete decorating.

4. Don’t expect the cake a lot successful. You are not a professional patissier, so you cannot make as a good cake as a pattissier can. Just enjoy the baking process with your company and the result made by your love.

On the anniversary,
Let's make a special memory with a special cake!

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Japanese restaurant : Bento and Sake, Mugen in Busan

Mugen ★★★★★
무겐 夢幻

Japanese Food / Family restaurant

 “I am so fond of three angel characters and its products such as mugs and tumblers.”“It has high accessability of more than 500 branches. I can just easily come by and get a sip.”“I can get discount with Lotte card, another perk.”“Here it has more sofas than chairs, and I sit more time, more comfortable.” 

For Foreign Foodie

Menu : Stemina bento(18,000won), Yagyu steak bento(17,000won), Garaage bento(12,000won), Kaisen bento(17,000won), Chashu bento(15,000won), Maguro bento(15,000won), Ashai (8,000won), Mugen beer(4,000won), Lime beer(5,000won), Sake(8,000won~12,000won)

English : ◆◆◆(With menu/Conversable)
Spiciness : ◆◇◇◇◇ (Not much)

Main shop

Opens : 11:30~23:00
Location : the hill of Dal-mazi (달맞이 고개)
Phone : 051-747-6843             
Address : 1480-2, Jungdong, Haewundaegu, Busan
Budget : around 20,000won (1 bento+1 dirnk)
Parking : Yes

<Restaurant exterior and interior>


이 장소를 Daum지도에서 확인해보세요.
부산광역시 해운대구 중제2동 | 무겐
도움말 Daum 지도

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A Restaurant : Hagawon Sujebi Kongguksu : Franchise in Korea


Hagawon Sujebi & Kongguksu★★☆
하가원 수제비 콩국수

Food : ★★★ Fantastic
Atmosphere: ★★☆ Enjoyable
Service : ★☆☆ Fair

Korean Food / Casual Dining

The menu in Hagawon is real simple. It only has 3 main dishes including Sujebi, Kongguksu, Dolsotbibimbab. The names of dishes might not get to you close. They are not well-known worldwide, but very popular in Korea. Genuine Korean food. Hagawon just focused on these few items and got fame on its savory tastes. Its food flavors stay harmonized, not fluctuating with over seasoning. It serves considerably delicate food with reasonable prices.

Entering the restaurant, I see the very Korean style tables on the floor. They don’t have any western table with chairs. It should feel uncomfortable for foreigners not accustomed to sitting legs cross-folded. You’d better get used to it soon. The entire atmosphere must be okay if you are not that disagreeable to new culture. 

I feel obliged to order as soon as I sit around the table. The staff just comes to take it. More embarrassingly, They don't have English menu. But, fortunately, I don’t have few options of menu with Sujebi, Bibimbab, and Kongguksu. It does not take so long to choose one.

While waiting, I cut Radish Kimchi with scissors aside. You might feel awkward cutting food particularly with scissors on the dining table. It’s not that weird in Korea to use scissors at the table. You should enjoy sniping it chattering with your friends. New experience. Later on, Bibimbab I ordered is served by the cart. 

Bibimbab looks awesome. Steamed white rice at the center, and various colorful vegetables lay around. Putting hot pepper paste(Gochujang) is my duty. I can add proper amount of it as your own. I top it on the rice centered. It looks greater with red circle on it. Then, I start mixing them altogether. The sauce tints all ingredients mouth-watering red.

The taste of Hagawon bibimbab is indescribable. All different and characteristic ingredients are harmonized. Flavor not extinguished by mixing. They all alive stay all together distinctively. A sort of orchestra, too much fact puffing?

Be Aware! The amount of pepper paste(Gochujang) is a significant factor that influence the whole dish. Be careful not to put too much. Add it little by little tasting through it.

For Foreign Foodies 

Must Eat Menu & Very Korean Menu :   Soup with flour dumplings (수제비)
                                                        Cold bean soup noodle (콩국수)
                                                        Bibimbab cooked in stone pot (돌솥비빔밥)

Spiciness :  Bibimbab cooked in stone pot : ◆◆◇◇◇(A little Spicy)
                 Rest of menu : ◇◇◇◇◇ (Not at all),
English : ◇◇◇ (No English)

Menu : Soup with flour dumplings 수제비/Sujebi/(5,000won), Cold bean soup noodle콩국수/Kong Guksu/ (5,500won), Bibimbab cooked in stone pot 돌솥비빔밥/Dol-sot-bibimbab/(5,500won), Grilled pork cube 석쇠떡갈비/Seok-se-ddeok-galbi/( 10,000won), Korean seafood pancake 해물파전/Hae-mul-pajeon/ (10,000won), Adding noodle(1,000won), Rice bowl(1,000won), Soft drink(1,000won)

Main shop

Opens : 09:00~23:00
Location : At Jangsan Station gate 10
Phone : 051-702-5511
Address : 891, jwadong, Hawundaegu, Busan
Budget : around 5,500won
Homepage : www.hagawon.co.kr (not available now)
Branch visited : Sajik, Busan

<Restaurant exterior and interior>






Map :Main shop : Haewundae

크게 보기

Map : Sajikdong(at Sports complex station, line 3, Busan)

크게 보기





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A Pub : Night Life Music, T Box (Trunk Box) : in Busan, Korea

busan pub


T Box (Trunk Box) ★★☆
티 박스 (트렁크 박스)

Food : ★★☆ Delicious
Atmosphere:★★☆ Enjoyable
Service : ★★☆ Touched

Western Food / Casual Dining & Pub

Young male staffs welcomed me shouting ‘Welcome(어서오세요)’ in unison as soon as I got off the elevator. Their loud greeting was surprising and impressing to me. I sat down and looked around. The inside was pretty spacious that I felt pleasure of openness. I chose the menu at the table, and go to the counter(bar) to order and pre-pay.

Full of electric funky music, its jaunty atmosphere let me move rhythmically. Grabbing a glass of Ashai, I had a small talk with my friend. Later, Barbecue combo plate we ordered was served. The quantity of food on the huge plate was so satisfactory. The taste was also good. (I was about to order additional dish, but I gave it up after seeing that)

After 3hours staying there, I realized the table turn is faster than other pub. People left the place early. As I assumed on its hard chair, a bit uncomfortable for sitting long, it seemed intended for a short stay. I think It was a good place for stopping by for a while like Thursday party.

- Bacon Potato Pizza(Pizza eating with Spoons) is its distinctive menu here.

For Foreign Foodies 

Must Eat Menu : Bacon Potato Pizza(Pizza eating with Spoons), Salad Pasta
Very Korean Menu : No Korean style Menu
Spiciness : ◇◇◇◇◇ (Not at all)
English : ◆◆◇ (Menu written in English)

Menu : Salads(12,000~17,000won), Pizzas(12,000~17,000won), Pastas(9,000won~11,000won), Fries(8,000~23,000won), Cass Draft(334ml 3,000/5,000), Ashai Draft(334ml 6,000/9,000), Imported bottle beer(5,000~9,000won)

Main Shop

Opens : No information
Location : Opposite of Cinus cinema, 3rd of Angeliuns Coffee
Phone : 051-805-2222
Address : 3rd floor, 240-13, Bujeondong, Jingu, Busan
Budget : around 20,000won(1 dish + 1 drink)
Homepage : Not Available

A Korean Naver Blog that pictures attached to

Branch visited : Seomyeon, Busan
<Restaurant exterior and interior>

busan pub
busan pub
busan pub


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