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Korean Food : Gun Mandu Service, Free dumplings : Chinese Restaurant.

Dad ordered a Sweet and Sour pork, called Tangsuyuk, to the chinese restaurant. It was around 8:30 in the evening, that means it was a bit late for dinner time in Korean culture. Actually, I ate dinner about 1 hour before. But I am a big fan of Tangsuyuk, so I was no doubt to join him.

gun mandu dumpling

Tangsuyuk was delivered half an hour later. The odors of food whirled around the living room, and stimulated my appetite regardless my full stomach. I hurried to wrapped them off, and see the luminous color of the sauce and the crisps of the deep-fried pork. They looked so much delicious.

gun mandu dumplinggun mandu dumplingThe colors of the sauce is so beautiful.

A plate of dumplings, called Gun-Mandu in Korean, lay beside the Tangsuyuk, They are always served like a combo in my town restaurant. I don’t pay extra for dumplings, shortly they are totally free. They are an unseparable package according to my notion.

gun mandu dumpling

Anyway, at that moment, I was happy with free stuff.

Gun Mandu Service : Free Dumplings

In Korea, it is common to provide free dumplings, Gun-mandu, if ordering over a certain price in the chinese restaurant. The exact figure for free dumplings is not assured. It varies depending on the region, town, and each restaurant.

This gap of figures was put up as a comedy(gag)-show topic, how much should be the standard for free dumplings. Some say cheaper is better, and others insist more than 15,000won. No matter how much is correct, there is one premise, Dumplings are free. 

Owners gain any margin?
Picking up a dumpling, all of a sudden, I came up with a wondering; Whether they gain any margin, offering a dozen of dumplings.

Economy of Scale?

I supposed they sold this food product according to quick-returns policy. Though it leaves a low unit margin, sufficient volumes of sale will offset its low profit. But it works only in where exists a huge market of a plenty of demands, like in the downtown, or near universities.

But most small chinese restaurants cover a limited district, even sharing with other competitors, in the town. They usually target at neighborhood within its territory. In other words, it’s hard to apply economy of scale under their condition.

Then, to get profits, with low demand, they should make unit margin higher, by lowering its cost. Cost-cutting directly leads to low cost and low quality ingredients. Some owners, who haven’t the ethics, of small restaurants probably use bad stuff. Imagine polluted sauce, bruised fruits. tainted meat or stale fish.

Why do they provide free dumplings?

In fact, Small chinese restaurants offer them, with burden of costs. The major cause of this phenomenon is customers’ strong want for cheap and a large amount of dish. Customers got used to having free dumplings. They take it for granted, but feel unsatisfied if a restaurant don’t. This situation was being fixed as a fettered custom for chinese restaurants.

Deterioration of Food Quality

We must reconsider free dumpling, and objectively see through what is occurring in the kitchen and admit the brutal fact. The strong pursue of cheap food results in the deterioration of the food quality.

gun mandu dumplingIn the end, I am not happy with free stuff anymore.       

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