Korean Anniversary: Make a Cake in Theme Cafe in Korea.

Do you want to something special on anniversary?

You want to give your special cake for your love? but you don't know how to bake, what to prepare, and anything going with cake baking?

Don't worry about anything.

You just come visit the place and you can bring out with your own cake. There is no need for baking knowledge, baking tools, garments, or even ingredients. Everything is prepared to you for your very first attempt.

I’d love to introduce you theme cafe that you can make your own cake!


Where can I make my own cake?

There are numerous places to make throughout Korea, in Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Jeonju, and other provinces. There are many, of course, in Seoul metropolitan, and Busan as well. Only one or two places in other provinces.

I will introduce one place in Busan, and link some other web-sites in Korea. If you don't read Korean, you need help to understand some part, or the location, just inquire me at your comfort. I always welcome any questions. 

1.  Busan Hayang Kamang Review: http://foodstoryist.tistory.com/52

2. Franchise Cake Baking Theme Cafe

- Micake(미케익) :http://www.micake.kr/reservation/res_list.php
(Seoul, Busan, GyungGi, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Cheonan, Ulsan,etc)

- Dan hana (단 하나 케익) : http://www.cakedan.com/shop_1.php
(Seoul, Busan, GyungGi, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Cheonan, Ulsan, Cheongju, Seosan, Jeonju, Gunsan, Wonju, Chunchoen, Changwon, Kyungju, Pohang, Gumi, Andong, etc)

Procedure to make your own cake at the cafe.

First of all, you need to go to the cafe, of course. You don't have to bring any stuff such as aprons, baking tools, or ingredients, but your warm-heart for the receiver. You can go alone or with your company.

(It is recommendable to make a reservation on the public special day such as Valentine’s day or christmas day since everyone wants to experience something unique like this.)

, you should choose which to decorate, it means that you have many options like the cream types, shapes, and sizes of cake. It presents as fresh cream cake, dome-shaped cake, green colored cake, chocolate cake, and so on. Be aware that you are given a cream covered sponge cake, genoise, so you can decorate it immediately. (There’s cookie-making option as well. You can also decorate some cookies with chocolate pens if you choose. I will talk about it the following day.)

Third, you buy additional ingredients to attach to your cake. Everyone wants their own cake design and need a variety of garnishes and decorations. People should buy some sprinkles such as jimmies, sanding sugar and pearl sugar, and chocolate products such as flakes, fractions and so on.

you start using your potential, but not-still-discovered talents on decorating. Some cafes give instruction about how to make looking good, but others don't. It is better to think about the design of the cake or draw the image before coming. Most visitors are beginner in baking, but they sometimes dare to decorate the top without any pondering. Their cakes turn out to be terrible different from their expectation and feel unsatisfied with their piece. I suggest that you briefly draw it on the paper before giving a touch on the cake.

Lastly, You place it in the cake box and head to your love. Enjoy delicious cake celebrating your unique cake of the world.


Tips for the first trial

1. Draw your cake image before decorating it.Be attentive carrying it, and ask the clerk if it places firm with ring on the bottom. (My cake was moved to the right due to lack of the fastening-ring)

2. Choose less expensive base cake, and spend money on decoration more if you are economical. The more you spend on deco, the more fantastic your cake will be.

3. It takes around 1 hour or maximum 2 hours to complete decorating.

4. Don’t expect the cake a lot successful. You are not a professional patissier, so you cannot make as a good cake as a pattissier can. Just enjoy the baking process with your company and the result made by your love.

On the anniversary,
Let's make a special memory with a special cake!

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At Christmas, Healthy Dessert with Rice : Cake Recipe.

christmas tree


I wish you
a Merry Christmas!

When you think of the christmas dining table,

You eat firstly appetizers and fresh salad.
It follows to christmas turkey, or chicken with wine or soft drinks,

In the end sweet cake with tea or coffee please us.

chocolate cake

You cannot separate christmas dessert from your happy christmas time.

Some cakes are baked by home, but others are sold by bakeries. It happens in Korea as well. Bakeries are busy selling christmas cake on christmas season.

However, as you know, cake contains high volume of sugar and fat. It certainly delights your tongue but not your body.

In Korea, some housewives, particularly who are interested in health, found the alternative for sugarly cake. They don’t want to get fatter and their children to be obese, either.

Mothers replace wheat flour with rice flour.

Rice is the staple in Korea, so it is not expensive compared to wheat flour. It is easy to buy from any stores. There exist various information and knowledge about rice from their mom as well as medias. They can develop new recipes based upon their experience. They know what food goes well or bad with rice. That is why rice substitue for flour in making cake.

Rice cake is more nutritious than flour cake. You should think wheat flour is as nourishing as rice flour. It is true that nutritional facts of two are not that much different. However, when other ingredients such as sugar and butter add to wheat flour cake, its status is not the same with rice cake.

Rice cake is made up of rice powder, water(sometimes substituted with milk), small amount of sugar and salt. It doesn't have much sugar or butter. Depending on your tastes, you can put a variety of natural ingredients including sweet potatoes, pumpkins, strawberries, beans and so on. You can add whatever you want if it satisfy your palettes. Later, I will recommend some certain food mostly used by Korean rice cake bakers.

Two Ways to Have Rice cake.

1. From Home baking

             Pumpkin Rice Cake

Ingredients : rice powder 800 g, pumpkin (cooked) 200 g, sugar 1/2 cup, salt 1 ts 

< Making Mixture >
1. Smash the pumpkin to mix with rice flour.
2. Mix rice flour and smashed pumpkin.
(You can see small pieces of flour cluster due to pumpkin moisture.)

3. Sift the mixture twice. The more throughly sift, the more cake smooth.
(After sifting, you can see egg-yolk yellow color of powder.)
4. Add sugar depending on your tastes.
(Sugar doesn't play less important role in rice cake than in wheat cake, so add sugar as much as you want. Consider the sweetness of pumpkin, and put less.)

< Preparing Steaming >
5. Pour water into steamer.
6. Spead the wet cloth on the rack of the steamer
7. Place the 18cm~20cm cake ring on the wet cloth the steamer.
8. Put the mixture into the ring. 
(You'd better put it above the rim so that you easily clear the top.)
9. Top off and make the surface flat using the scaper.
10. Decorate the top with garnishes such as nut, almond, or some pumpkin pieces.

< Steaming >
11. Close the lid of steamer and boil it with high heat for 25minutes
12. Turn down to low heat(or just turn off) with the lid closed for 5 minutes

13. Cool down and Enjoy with the tea or coffee.

* You can change the flavor exchanging pumpkin for other ingredients
(such as sweet potatoes, blueberries, chocolate, coffee, green tea and so on.)

2. From Rice cake Bakery.

You can get it whether you buy the rice cake from the rice cake specialized bakery or buy the pre-mixed rice cake powder and bake it at home.

rice cake
rice cake mix

I will link some of the rice cake bakery websites in Korea.
Unfortunately, they are written in Korean. You can order it just in Korea.

If you stay in other parts of the world, you should make it home!
You can have some ideas from those linked sites.
It's kinda simple proceses and eay to cook. You can try baking it.

Merry Christmas !

I hope you enjoy Healthy Christmas with Rice Cake!


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