Who is Food Storyist?

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Hello, I am Foodstoryist.

Welcome to Korean Food and Culture Blog : )

Who is Foodstoryist?

I am a Food storyteller.
I love food, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Twaiwan, American, Spanish, French, Italian, English, Swedish, (i can’t mention all the globe here.) and wherever it comes from.

I also like writing and travelling. And My life is travelling, Everyday, I explore new aspects of a day of life. I scribble my feelings and thought here in my blog.

I have studied food service management during my bachelor. I am a student again major in European Union at GSIS (Graduate School of International Studies), in PNU, Busan, Korea.

Introducing Korean food and culture

There are numerous official blogs by Korean government and organizations, and personal blogs by foreign individual visitors.

This blog runs, by a Korean writer, for introducing Korean food and culture to foreigners who’s falling in love with Korea. I am a native Korean and bide within Korean culture.

I describe daily happenings in Korea familiarly with easy words, compared to formal articles from media and official homepage. Through my short essay, you can understand Korean way to think. I will share my emotion such as worries for career, workplace, school, friendship, love, marrige, family, house, or even pension for vague future through this blog.

Be friend with Foodstoryist.

I want to be your Korean friend who help you understand Korea better. You can contact me if you need any help. If you visit, travel, stay, live in Busan, I can be your help and if you stay other provinces like Seoul, Gyeong-gi, Daegu, Gwang-ju, Ulsan and anywhere in the world, I will try to help you through online.
Please feel free to leave a message or contact me. lollol 

Please let me know you.

I also need your support to run this blog with pleasure. I need your comment on my post. I like writing itself, so I keep on posting in any circumstance. But it must be cheerful for me to read your comment on it. I will be so pleased to know you and your opinion

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Thank you for your kind understanding. : ) )  

Thank you and Enjoy Korea!