Korea Travel : Sunrise View Point, Homigot in Pohang 



I have impulse to go travel time to time.

The day before yesterday, I just had that impulse.
My b-friend and I decided to go somewhere, but don’t know where will be.

1. to Pohang city from Busan

In the morning, on the bus to Nopo bus terminal(in Busan), I searched a suitable place to go using my smart phone. Inserting ‘a trip near Busan’, it popped up with few areas including Pohang, Jinju, Milyang, and Kyungju. I looked through the screen full of pictures and letters. Among them, Pohang just caught my eyes with pictures of beautiful sea sceneries.

I bought two bus tickets for me and b-friend at the ticketing booth, that cost 7,700won each. Later, w went downstairs to catch a bus at Platform 26. Getting on a bus, I appreciated the views over the bus window, and my b-friend seemed busy reserving an accomodations for night.

Arriving at the hotel, we unpacked our luggages and took a rest. My muscles felt a bit stiff and strain from a bus trip. I stretched my arms and legs lying on the puffy bed covered by white linens. 

2. to Homigot via Guryongpo

Homigot is the most well-known place in Pohang. It is a point of land jutting out into the East sea and one of the easternmost points on the Korean peninsula. It gives a marvelous view at sunrise, because its shore faces the east sea that makes an excellent view point for sunrising. A number of Koreans visit this spot every first day of the year. And I can’t miss that much fameful tourist attraction.


My b-friend and I went out to get ‘Homigot’. We didn’t know which direction to go at first. Thanks to Pohang citizen’s help, we could take a bus no.200 that reached to ‘Guryongpo’. Later, We got off at Guryongpo transfer center at 4:10. we checked the timetable for the next bus. According to that, the bus departs 4:50. Shoot. We had 40minutes left until the departure.



3. Arrival to Homigot

While waiting, we had a small tour around the bus stop. It was so chilly with swirling wind that we scurried and trotted to warm ourselves. Smelling salt of sea and hearing seagulls, we could see numerous fishing boats decked in. Clear blue sky and sea. We gazed at the blue horizon serenely for a minute. But Freezing Cold. We couldn't stand the coldness any longer. We rapidly took a few photos in front of the wonderful sea view. We ran back to the bus stop and get on the bus.


Getting off another bus, it seemed less cold. But 10 seconds later, I felt as if icicles were restlessly poking my body. We hastened to go somewhere inside. There was a museum that must have been warm. Oh my goodness. It was closed. The sign hanging on the door said it closed only on Monday. It was not Monday. But it seemed tentatively closed because of the new year holiday. We didn’t have any place to escape from cold but just confront it.


Homigot was distinctive with a signature sculpture, Hands of Sangsaeng(Harmony), on the ground and the sea. Fortunately, sun setting made a breath taking view in front of us. I got dazed by beautiful combination of colors derived from atmospheric scattering. Wonderful. But Freezing Cold. After taking few photos, we had to rush into a snack bar to survive cold weather. We melted our hands cupping a cup of americano by the gas heater. I’ve come across both hell and heaven.


How to get to Homigot from Pohang bus terminal

1. Take the bus no.200 in front of Pohang bus terminal.
2. Get off at the Guryongpo Transfer Center.
(Be aware that there are several Guryongpo blabla stops.
So Don't be confused. The bus terminates at Guryongpo Transfer Center.
You can ask the bus driver, mentioning "Homigot" 

The driver will help you notifying the stop to get off.)

3. Check the bus time table for transfer in the bus waiting room.
4. Take another bus Heading Homigot (about 20 minutes).
7. Get off at "Homigot sunrise tourist spot"
(You can ask a help of the bus driver again.)

8. Enjoy Homigot!

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Japan Travel :  Kiyomizu Temple in comparison with Yonggung temple

Yonggung Temple reminds me of Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, Japan.


Kiyomizu temple is located by the hillside, and it provides grand view from the temple like Yonggung temple. The most famous spot is the main hall veranda built upon the hill and made of wood. It is not only the view that is amazing, but also the unique construction technic. All structure is completed without using a single nail. It means that wooden pillars were firmly cross-piled and the building remained nearly 400 years.

kiyomizu pillar

Of course,
there are several differences between two temples. First, Kiyomizu temple is much bigger and has more shrines. Second, Kiyomizu temple has mountain views, while Yonggung temple has sea views.

In spite of that, the reason why I feel similarity between two is that both temples locate high and look down to the nature and both unbelievably look beautiful making harmony with the surrounding. I would say that Yonggung temple is the small version of the Kiyomizu temple, or vice versa.

However, in terms of the tourist attraction, 
                               situations are totally opposite.


Kiyomizu temple is full of visitors including foreigners as well as Japanese. On the path to the gate, Japanese traditional souvenir and Kyoto local products attract tourists. Various kinds of Japanese snacks please their eyes and nose. I am sure that you cannot pass the road without buying anything. Entrance tickets are sold 300 yen and brochures prepared in diverse languages are given to foreign tourists. World travelers enjoy the historical of the temple through the information on the tourist guide, of course, with the spectacular natural sceneries.



< Gaysha and kind clerk in Kiyomizu temple>

Comparably, Yonggung temple is crowded with domestic visitors, namely Korean, more specifically Busan citizens. You can hardly see foreign visitors here. On the way to the temple, a variety of Korean street snacks such as bungeoppang, hoddeok, and ddeokbokki are sold, but sadly not traditional snacks or local products. You can enter for free to the temple, but no brochures. Visitors appreciate the wonderful scenery but no historical background about it.

What I realize through this comparison is

Yonggung temple is under-optimized for tourism. It doesn’t concern about foreigners who travelled to the temple from the far side of the world. Most tourists expect the brief explanation at the tourist spot, for example, an information center, or just a simple pamphlet. Some might have studied before visiting, but others might not have looked it up. For the others Yonggung temple remains without the annals. It’s sad news that they admire only the view un-knowing the related stories.   

I suggest developing Yonggung temple as the tourist-friendly spot. I don’t mean just attracting foreign travelers and making money. I insist we put the historical value on our proud religious remain. It will intrigue and impress the visitors and make the place holy and sacred.     

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Korea Travel : Buddist Temple by the sea : Yonggung Temple


I went to picnic to the Haedong Yonggung temple to celebrate my birthday, 17 December. It was extremely cold outside with negative temperature. We ate lunch in the car at the parking lot, haha, I didn't want to, but I had no choice, and then headed toward the temple.

From the parking lot to the temple stairs, there are many kinds of street food markets along the side. You can see some snacks including bungeoppang, kukhwappang, and hoddeok and hot drinks including coffee and tea. They, laying on the stand, seem to attract visitors to eat them with mouth-watering smells and looks.

Under the chilly wind, I had to warm my hands and bought two of expensive hot americano with 3000 won each. (Foods in tourist attractions are expensive unrelated to its quality, and it applies to here, too) Whether my wallet got lighter or not, my hands became warm thanks to that damn high valued americano.

When I got to the main temple area, I was so awed by the wonderful scenery. The temple is located absolutely next to the sea. Behind the temple, there is greeny mountains with ever-green pine trees. The combination of the sea, the mountain and the temple was beautiful. This harmony touched me and I gazed at the magnificient view for a long time.

After taking few photos, I climb upto the big bosal statue on top of the temple. Some people bowed in front of the statue praying for their wish or wishing their luck. I Standed against the statue and looked down to the sea and temple. The breath-taking view just grabbed my eyes. The sea waves ceaselessly hitting the rocks under the temple and the temple firmly stand by the sea. It was nicer to see the whole place from up.  


If you want to know about the historical of Yonggung temple,

Click '더보기' here

It is also very famous place for sun-rising
. As you might
 know, Korea is situated near the international date line. In other words, Korea is the one of the countries see the sun earlier than other countries. Furthermore, Yonggung temple is placed on the south-eastern part of Korea, so it sees the sun the earliest even in Korea. As a result, Yonggung temple is the world earliest sun-rising place of the day, or of the year. Not only with the early rising, Yonggung temple is well-known for the most magnificent rising from the sea. You must not miss it.

People believe that at least one wish will be answered if they pray here. Many people visit this temple and pray. How about praying here for your wish new year?

How to get to Haedong Yonggung temple.

By bus

1. From Haewundae
You need to go Haewundae station(subway or train) first.
Then, take the bus # 181.
Get off at the Yonggung temple.
You must walk for about 15 minutes.
2. From Songjung
Take the bus # 181
Get off at the Yonggung temple.
You must walk for about 15 minutes.

By taxi
1. From Haewundae : 7000~8000 won
2. From Songjung : 2500~3000 won
( The fare changes depending on traffic)

You can visit the website
to get more pictures and information for more detail.

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Korea travel : Korean city Geoje : Geoga Bridge

1. Geoga Bridge

On the way to Geoje from Busan, we must pass the Geoga Bridge to reach their at minimum time spending. Geoga Bridge was completed in 2010, meaning that it is pretty new. (Yes, it also means that it charges the toll of 10,000won for one way.) However, I would pay it if I can drive those beautiful roads along with open dark-blue sea.

Moreover, you will have chance to run through the deepest submarine tunnel with the maximum 48m of depth. Frankly, I could not think that I was driving undersea. The only thing that confirms the fact is the luminous number signs hanging from the ceiling. Whether I feel it or not, the important point is that I pass through the undersea as I had imagined at my young age and this great creation was built in Korea, my country, full of wonder and pride.  


Information refered to Geoje tourism Homepage.

Geoga Bridge

Geoga Bridge is a 8.2km long 4 lane bridge that will connect Yuho-ri, Jangmok-myeon, Geoje-si to Gadeokdo, Busan. The construction started in Nov. 2003 will be completed by 2010. With the construction of Daejeon~Tongyeong Expressway and Geoga Bridge, a central axis connecting Daejeon - Jinju - Geoje and a southeastern axis connecting Pohang-Ulsan-Busan-Geoje will be established. And Geoje will become the hub of southern Gyeongnam and the hub of tourism on south coast.

2. Hakdong Beach

Black pearls there are in Hakdong beach, Geoje. Unbelievable? But it is true. Some visitors picked them up and take them home as souvenir. The warning sign that prohibit from taking them standing next to the beach, some still steal. You might want to ask me whether stealing jewels is not a crime. But we do not arrest people of that behavior, because this pearl is not money-valued jewel. Hakdong beach is full of dark colored pebbles instead of sand that is common in Korean shores. Those pebbles resemble black pearls, so I called them pearls and the government named the beach ‘Hakdong black-pearl beach’ or 'Hakdong Mongdol(몽돌) beach' (Mongdol = A round stone in Korean)

Sorry for my joke at the beginning, but I ascertain that this unique and distinct pearls are actual-valued jewels.

Information refered to Geoje tourism Homepage.

Hakdong Pebble Beach

This beach belongs to Hakdong-ri, Dongbu-myeon, Geoje. Its name originated from its shape of flying crane. The scenery of the 1.2km long 50m wide beach with the area of 30,000 ㎢ covered by pebbles called Mongdol is unique. This beach is also famous for camellia habitat, which was designated as Natural Monument No. 233, along the 3km long beach.

About 20cm long, colorful fairy pitts come in June, breed here and then leave in Sept.

3. Wind hill

If you come to Geoje, you should not miss this place.

 I had not known this place existed before I visited here. In other words, it is not that well-known even for Korean. I tried to figure out the secret place was not highlighted by public. I started to think about my path to here. Allright. Because of the low accessibility. It is not easy to reach here by public transportation such as train, bus or even a taxi. It needs a car to approach.
It still had a number of tourists and visitors in spite of unknown. When I looked out the sea, the marvelous scenery made me open. My heart seems to directly feel the breeze from the spacious and vast blue sea. I felt so cool.

Information refered to Geoje tourism Homepage.

Windy hill/Sinseondae
when we come down to the north at a comer going to Haegeumgang after passing Hammok, we can see a fishing village Dojangpo like a picture and can see 'Windy Hill' as a watercolor when we raise our head. when we stand by an observatory in the south of a road after going up the hill, there is where we become a wizard who looks out over sea. It is named 'Sinseondae'. 'Windy Hill' is a hill covered by belts. Thus, it's old name was 'Ttibatneul'. It is where sea wind always meets visitors since there is long extended clean sea area around there. It makes a wonderful view with blue sea, guls, Hakdong Black Pearl Mongdol Beach and Susan Village from a distance. It also comes to the spotlight as a drama photographing place since sea is well-harmonized with the hill.

Geoje is a treasure island for Korea. It is not that famous compared to the quality of beautiful sceneries. I think this local area has high potential to be a world class tourist attraction with intact nature and wonderful sea views. I expect Korean and foreigners come visit to enjoy this marvelous place, Geoje.

If you need further information about travelling in Geoje,
you must visit this homepage owned by the Geoje city.


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