Korean Anniversary: Make a Cake in Theme Cafe in Korea.

Do you want to something special on anniversary?

You want to give your special cake for your love? but you don't know how to bake, what to prepare, and anything going with cake baking?

Don't worry about anything.

You just come visit the place and you can bring out with your own cake. There is no need for baking knowledge, baking tools, garments, or even ingredients. Everything is prepared to you for your very first attempt.

I’d love to introduce you theme cafe that you can make your own cake!


Where can I make my own cake?

There are numerous places to make throughout Korea, in Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Jeonju, and other provinces. There are many, of course, in Seoul metropolitan, and Busan as well. Only one or two places in other provinces.

I will introduce one place in Busan, and link some other web-sites in Korea. If you don't read Korean, you need help to understand some part, or the location, just inquire me at your comfort. I always welcome any questions. 

1.  Busan Hayang Kamang Review: http://foodstoryist.tistory.com/52

2. Franchise Cake Baking Theme Cafe

- Micake(미케익) :http://www.micake.kr/reservation/res_list.php
(Seoul, Busan, GyungGi, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Cheonan, Ulsan,etc)

- Dan hana (단 하나 케익) : http://www.cakedan.com/shop_1.php
(Seoul, Busan, GyungGi, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Cheonan, Ulsan, Cheongju, Seosan, Jeonju, Gunsan, Wonju, Chunchoen, Changwon, Kyungju, Pohang, Gumi, Andong, etc)

Procedure to make your own cake at the cafe.

First of all, you need to go to the cafe, of course. You don't have to bring any stuff such as aprons, baking tools, or ingredients, but your warm-heart for the receiver. You can go alone or with your company.

(It is recommendable to make a reservation on the public special day such as Valentine’s day or christmas day since everyone wants to experience something unique like this.)

, you should choose which to decorate, it means that you have many options like the cream types, shapes, and sizes of cake. It presents as fresh cream cake, dome-shaped cake, green colored cake, chocolate cake, and so on. Be aware that you are given a cream covered sponge cake, genoise, so you can decorate it immediately. (There’s cookie-making option as well. You can also decorate some cookies with chocolate pens if you choose. I will talk about it the following day.)

Third, you buy additional ingredients to attach to your cake. Everyone wants their own cake design and need a variety of garnishes and decorations. People should buy some sprinkles such as jimmies, sanding sugar and pearl sugar, and chocolate products such as flakes, fractions and so on.

you start using your potential, but not-still-discovered talents on decorating. Some cafes give instruction about how to make looking good, but others don't. It is better to think about the design of the cake or draw the image before coming. Most visitors are beginner in baking, but they sometimes dare to decorate the top without any pondering. Their cakes turn out to be terrible different from their expectation and feel unsatisfied with their piece. I suggest that you briefly draw it on the paper before giving a touch on the cake.

Lastly, You place it in the cake box and head to your love. Enjoy delicious cake celebrating your unique cake of the world.


Tips for the first trial

1. Draw your cake image before decorating it.Be attentive carrying it, and ask the clerk if it places firm with ring on the bottom. (My cake was moved to the right due to lack of the fastening-ring)

2. Choose less expensive base cake, and spend money on decoration more if you are economical. The more you spend on deco, the more fantastic your cake will be.

3. It takes around 1 hour or maximum 2 hours to complete decorating.

4. Don’t expect the cake a lot successful. You are not a professional patissier, so you cannot make as a good cake as a pattissier can. Just enjoy the baking process with your company and the result made by your love.

On the anniversary,
Let's make a special memory with a special cake!

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Korean Market : Farmer's Market (with Video) in Busan, Korea

Sajik Farmers' Market in Busan, Korea

It’s 15 minutes walk from my home
It's 3 minutes walk from my elementary school.

I mean it’s very near.

15 years ago.

After school finished, I used to go to the market. But not to buy something. But to do something. Stepping in there, I became an adventurous explorer and started to study things. Clattering when coins coming and going, chattering of merchants and customers, clearing stuff on the stand, and bustling on everything. I enjoyed lively atmosphere there. I walked through the narrow path with water splashes on under the shadow of the weathered clothes over my head.

At the middle of the market, the snack bar was there. It often caught my way and I spent some of my pocket money on ddeokbokki and oden. It’s additional amusement eating hot street food standing beside unknown people, but all smile. Everything was so vivid. Food was alive. the merchant was alive. the unknown person beside me was alive. I was alive. After pleasing my taste-buds and my energy, I resumed my adventure again.



I went to Sajik farmers' market yesterday. Actually, I often go there. But not to buy something. But to do something. To recollect my memories in my childhood. And, for the same reason with the past, to feel brisk air in there.

On the way to the market, I was quite worried about the depression of traditional markets due to appearance of discount stores which huge enterprises own by its capital advantages. But, perhaps thanks to major holiday season in Korea, the situation was better than I thought. The atmosphere waves with numerous customers preparing for upcoming special dining.

So I could explore the market as if I became a little adventurer again.



Sajik market is called "traditional market"?!

In Korea, Most street markets include almost everything like farming products, sea food, furniture, fabrics, clothes, tools and etc. Of course, there are some specialized markets like Jagalchi fishers’ market and Dongdaemun clothes market. But usually, traditional markets carry almost all stuff that can be sold.

In this terms, Sajik should be called ‘Sajik street market’ or ‘Sajik traditional market’, since it sells a variety of categories. But for your better access by search engine, I called it ‘Sajik farmers’ market’ at its convenience.

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Korea Busan : The horrible utility poles, electric wires.





When I was young, I was afraid of the electric shock by touching the electric wires in the sky. It is mostly because the sky was fully covered with black webs. I could often see the warning pictures on the school-textbook that instruct children to be attentive of the wires while playing. A boy flying a kite on the street gets an electric shock. It was the one, the most impressive drawing of those. It has been 15 years since I saw those dreadful imaginary scenes but the situation does not seem to change since then.

If we choose the one of the things that deter the beauty of the city, it is obviously these horrible poles on the street. Being unknown when it is going to be fallen or collapse. It stands frighteningly along the roads. 

The primary reason why it has reached this situation is the not-organized cityplan by the government. As you might know, or hear about Korea, it has developed rapidly since the release from the governance of Japan. The government had focused on the great economic success more than anything else to escape from the severe famine and poorness. It considered the view of the city, or even the safeness of the citizen as the frill that hinder the economic progress.

However, as Korea has become the one of the G20, as a developed country, the governament become aware of the facts that it just had neglected, the beaty of the city and the security for the citizen on the street. Then, it has started to improve the condition of the utility poles since 2006. it has passed the policy to promote the undergroundization of the poles to better the welfare of the city. 

Unfortunately, it got has some issues regarding the budget. As you know, all the problems come from the money, and there is no difference here. 

First of all, the Korean electric power corporation(KEPC) just pay just 700~900 won per pole and the amount will be get discounted by 50% through the law supporting the business for common goods. but they charge the enormous fee, around 15,000 won, to other private cable, or telephone companies each. Finally, they earn 2~3 billion won by lenting the poles to private companies throughout the country. The public company, actually it has privatized, still has the features of the public company, attempts to get profits from the citizen.

Secondly, During the process of the undergroundization of the poles, both the Seoul governmnet and KEPC were supposed to take half-budget, about 40 billions. However, KEPC excusing the budget shortage, it has paused the budget transfer for the project tentatively. As a result, the work has been stopped and Seoul government throw the lawsuit againt KEPC. 

As I said above, the pole has been disappearing from the cities. According to the news article, Seoul achieved 54 % of removal, Daejeon 47%, Busan 33%. It is certain that the project gradually processes thanks to the government, but compared to the developed cities such as London with 100% of subterean utility pole and Tokyo with 88%, Korea has far way to go.  

I think . . When I walk along the street, I feel so terrified by the overloaded electric poles. This any frightful electric wires seem to pounce upon me. Someday I hope to look up at the clear sky and fly a kite not fightened with those black web in Busan.

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