A Restaurant : Healthy Premium Polarex Buffet in Busan, Korea (1)


Polarex Buffet

I went to Polarex with my sister last Saturday.

It was an unplanned visit since we suddenly felt a great hunger. It was around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and buffets don’t usually open between 3 to 5 for break. We had to find the early-open buffet and that was it. Polarex.

We got there at 5 sharp to avoid waiting. On Saturday, it offers dinner service twice, so it has a time limit. We had to eat only for 2 hours, different from the other days with 3.5hours of eating. It’s sufficient time for stuffing my stomach, but short time for enjoy eating and talking simultaneously. 

We scurry the table, and browsed a variety of food they had. They had appetizers, salads, cold dishes like sushi and raw fish, noodles, hot dishes, korean foods, super foods like grills and steaks, and dessert. Gaping at wonderful scene of food, I started collecting foods to my table.

I took some pics. I will talk about the taste of food at the following post.

Infromation about Polarex and more pics will com at this page.

 A Restaurant : Healthy Premium Polarex Buffet in Busan, Korea (2)


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