Book : Living as an Adult, by Hyenam Kim 어른으로 산다는 것, 김혜남


I had a terrible migraine.

I am sensitive to everything and have a lot concerns about future. About what I am going to be, how I can afford myself, and even what I can do in my old age. My mom always told me not to worry anything, because it’s not necessary and helpful. I understand what she meant, but I can’t be relieved at my convenience. Being anxious to unimportant things exhaust me and cause eccentric headache, that hurt only half of my face, from the jaw, ear, eyes, temples, and side head. I was scared of having bell’s palsy.
I went to a cafe to relax myself. After ordering a purple sweet potato latte, a book case with hundreds book caught my eye. I skimmed though all books and grabbed a book called ‘living as an adult.’

The book touches my heart in many ways. It first spoke comforting words to me of being a child and then advise me on my case of living and loving. I felt like I was personally counseled by the author. She embraced me with benign and benevolent words. And I shedded tears in movement. 

I summarized the major advice.
    (including only parts that I got impressed) 
1. An adult is responsible for oneself with freedom.
    Don’t lean on my parents and learn to live by myself. There’s no Neverland in reality.

2. Treat my inner child who hurt by past memories.
    Don’t ignore it and feel the emotion and let go. I don’t need to be bound with poor past.

3. Don’t be frustrated on your fancy dream.
    Plan more realistic dream.

4. Don’t be afraid of showing true me. but with gentle manners.
    And trust him.

5. Admit that my partner and I are separated individual.
    We can never be the same, and he never knows my thought.

6. He is not flawless. He also makes mistakes. 
    I should profoundly understand him.

Now, I need time to talk a inner chinld, myself.

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