What is your favorite Korean food?


Which korean food do you think foreigners like? It must be hard to choose one of them. There are umpteen sorts of food through the long history of Korea.
Interestingly, I found a research about favorite Korean food.

Foreigners’ Favorite Korean Food?

Pork belly was selected as a favorite food by research held by Seoul city government. It was processed through the city official homepage and facebook. 1,984 foreigners participated in the vote on ‘Delicious Food in Seoul’.; 952 from English spoken countries, 870 from Chinese, 162 from Japanese.

On this vote, Samgyeopsal(pork belly) was chosen no.1 by 558 people. It followed by Kimchi food with 332 votes, Tteokbokki(Spicy rice cake pasta) with 313 votes, Bibimbab with 231, Samgyetang with 172, Sogalbi(Beef rib) with 76, and Naengmyeon(Cold noodle) with 43. Needless to say, Pork belly was proved to be foreigner favorite food.

pork belly

Korean’s Favorite Meat?

Pork belly is not only foreigners’ favorite but also Koreans’. Researchers studied the sales by discount store. In 2011, Pork belly occupies almost half(45%) of the whole pork sale, Neck bone and picnic account for 15.6% and 14% each. Lastly Ham back up 7% of the pork market.

The dominance of pork belly lasted for 30 years. If you consider the diminish of belly sale due to high price after foot-and-mouth disease, Pork belly surely stands as a king part of pork.

What is Samgyeopsal(삼겹살)?

pork belly

Samgyeopsal is Pork belly in Korea. Samgyeop(삼겹) means three layers and Sal(살) means flesh. It was name after three layered fat looking.
Other countries rarely fry pork belly itself without trimming. Koreans slice belly into 8~10mm of thickness and fry on a stone plate or a grill. Emphasizing its unique way of cooking, the government just designate it as Korean national food called Samgyeopsal.

Why Pork Belly?

You must not understand the reason why Koreans are crazy for pork belly. Most countries price higher on pork loin or tenderloin than pork belly. Those parts contain less fat and more protein, so they’re regarded as more valued parts.

However, Koreans obviously prefer pork belly because of its fatty tastes. Everybody knows it’s not at all a healthy food, but they continue eating them often insisting belly tastes best among all parts.

What is March 3rd?

March 3rd is Samgyeopsal day only existing in Korea. Korean government determine to invigorate depressed livestock industry after foot-and-mouth disease. On that day, people enjoy eating out Samgyeopsal, and samgyeopsal restaurants hold various events to attract customers.

pork belly


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    I didn't know such day exists. But I shouldn't be surprised. Thankfully, I have enough time to prepare and a lot of 쉰김치 to make the day even better. LoL.