Korean Food : Fry, Drink, Eat, and Talk Samgyeopsal : Pork Belly


Fry, Drink, Eat Talk and Talk and Talk.

 At my early twenties

I used to dislike pork belly. Pork belly was notorious for its high fat contain and fattening people. I always struggled to be in a good shape as a prim girl. Pork belly was the enemy that tempted me to eat fatty foods and even drink.

When my friends called me out to have a drink. I knew that they must prefer to go to a pork restaurant. But I couldn’t curb us from it which is one of the cheap places to eat meat with reasonable price. (Even costly pork belly has a cheap version: mysterious food origin) And it’s good for poor students. Reluctant, but I went there all the time. Repeating, I always joined them. I liked its atmosphere turning meat over, chattering with friends, pouring soju into my friend’s glass. We Fry, Drink, Eat Talk and Talk and Talk. We were making pork-belly memories.

until now

I deter eating pork belly. I know more nutrition facts about pork belly, and as growing older, I more concern about my health. I no longer to eat unidentified food sold near school. I can afford to eat more valued and delicate dish on a fancy restaurant.

But guess what? My friends and I still go to pork restaurant to eat fatty food. We Fry, Drink, Eat Talk and Talk and Talk. We eat our past pork-belly memories.

What is Samgyeopsal(삼겹살)?


Samgyeopsal is Pork belly in Korea. Samgyeop(삼겹) means three layers and Sal(살) means flesh. It was name after three layered fat looking.

Other countries rarely fry pork belly itself without trimming. Koreans slice belly into 8~10mm of thickness and fry on a stone plate or a grill. Emphasizing its unique way of cooking, the government just designate it as Korean national food called Samgyeopsal.

Koreans Eat and Make Memories with Pork belly.

I suppose they seem enjoying their memories of eating pork belly. Pork belly, now expensive, used to be very cheap and people enjoy it with small budget. It has been represented out-dining food for years.

Now, people want to keep their out-dining experience with pork belly. Metaphorically, Koreans eat their past memories and make new ones with pork belly again.

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