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Luner new year..

A big holiday, that just happens twice a year, seems to end soon. Every Korean say goodbye to their parents and siblings. They go back to their normal lives again. It was a short time, but it just help refreshing their body and mind from their routine circles.

Koreans often say that
“Traditional Holidays are all eating.”

It means we welcome relatives with food at home. We also visit relatives’ house to say hello and wish their fortunes this year surrounded by uncountable kinds of food on the large table. All we do during holiday is Eating, Talking, Eating, Talking, Eating, and Talking, haha sometimes. Drinking.

I took some pictures of food that I ate on new year day.

new year

Let's Look Closer.


Sliced Rice Cake Pasta Soup

Tteokguk is a soup with diagonally sliced rice cakes simmered in beef broth, garnished with pressed meat, sliced fried egg white and yolk People enjoy tteokguk.
It includes white rice cake, beef, fragrant seasoning, green oninon.

Potato starch noodles stir-fried with vegetables

Japchae is a dish mixed of potato starch noodles with numerous stir-fried vegetables. Japchae is almost always served on holidays and traditional ceremonial days.

It includes potato starch noodles, egg, mung bean sprouts, skinned bellflower roots, cucumber, beef, brown oak mushrooms, jew’s ear mushrooms.

Simmered Chicken.

Dakjjim is a dish of chicken simmered with seasonings with various vegetables such as carrots, onions, and potatoes. I includes chicken, carrot, brown oak mushrooms, onion, gingko, egg, edible oil.


Blanched and Seasoned Wild green

Namul is blanched wild green with seasoning.


Hapari naengchae
Assorted cold plate with mustard sauce and jelly fish

Hapari naengchae is a fresh salad dish made of various vegetables and jelly fish in a mustard dressing. It stimulates the appetite with its hot, sweet and sour taste.
It includes cucumber, carrot, egg, fish flesh, jelly fish and mustard.


Korean barbecue

Bulgogi is a dish, barbecued beef that is pre-marinated with various seasonings.
It includes beer, onion, spring onion, pepper, and seasoning sauce based on soy sauce.

Do They Look Delicious? 

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