A Rice Mill : To Buy Rice Cake for Lunar New Year in Busan, Korea

rice mill

On the way home, swirling steam blurred my sight.
I stopped to figure where it was from. It was from the ventilator of the rice mill.

I thought the rice mill was almost shut up, completely close, since its light inside was often off. It hadn’t displayed any stuff quite long time.

But today, Surprisingly, small carts was laid in line in front of the rice mill to wait for its turn. I looked around standing there, and I spotted some women who seemed to be owners of those carts chattering with each other.

They must wait for their white long bar rice cake to make rice cake soup on the new year day. And thinking that we already prepared the rice cake ingredients, my mom by herself did it for us waiting in line.

Thanks, Mom. I feel the biggest holiday coming soon.

2011/12/28 - [KOREAN FOOD] - Korean Food : New Year Culture, Rice Cake Soup at Home

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