Korean Market : Farmer's Market (with Video) in Busan, Korea

Sajik Farmers' Market in Busan, Korea

It’s 15 minutes walk from my home
It's 3 minutes walk from my elementary school.

I mean it’s very near.

15 years ago.

After school finished, I used to go to the market. But not to buy something. But to do something. Stepping in there, I became an adventurous explorer and started to study things. Clattering when coins coming and going, chattering of merchants and customers, clearing stuff on the stand, and bustling on everything. I enjoyed lively atmosphere there. I walked through the narrow path with water splashes on under the shadow of the weathered clothes over my head.

At the middle of the market, the snack bar was there. It often caught my way and I spent some of my pocket money on ddeokbokki and oden. It’s additional amusement eating hot street food standing beside unknown people, but all smile. Everything was so vivid. Food was alive. the merchant was alive. the unknown person beside me was alive. I was alive. After pleasing my taste-buds and my energy, I resumed my adventure again.



I went to Sajik farmers' market yesterday. Actually, I often go there. But not to buy something. But to do something. To recollect my memories in my childhood. And, for the same reason with the past, to feel brisk air in there.

On the way to the market, I was quite worried about the depression of traditional markets due to appearance of discount stores which huge enterprises own by its capital advantages. But, perhaps thanks to major holiday season in Korea, the situation was better than I thought. The atmosphere waves with numerous customers preparing for upcoming special dining.

So I could explore the market as if I became a little adventurer again.



Sajik market is called "traditional market"?!

In Korea, Most street markets include almost everything like farming products, sea food, furniture, fabrics, clothes, tools and etc. Of course, there are some specialized markets like Jagalchi fishers’ market and Dongdaemun clothes market. But usually, traditional markets carry almost all stuff that can be sold.

In this terms, Sajik should be called ‘Sajik street market’ or ‘Sajik traditional market’, since it sells a variety of categories. But for your better access by search engine, I called it ‘Sajik farmers’ market’ at its convenience.

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