Tea : Revolution Tea Bag, Bombai Chai Tea : Caffe Bene in Korea


Bombai Chai tea ★★★★☆
봄배이 차이

Cafe : Caffe bene
Size & Price : Regular & 4,000won
Main Ingredients: cinnamon chips, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and Asam
Nutrition Facts : 7 kcal

Variation : black tea

Foodstoryist Review

Color : As dark as brewed Assam

Taste : I can smell various spicy and flowery scents from it. I feel as if I am drawn to mysterious exotic place. I imagine myself sitting on the colorful carpeting with indian costumes in the animation film aladdin.
Sniffing into the cup, I smell incense burning and shove myself somewhere in middle east country. I become an explorer who just claws my path through the crowded and hectic street market.

Sipping a bit, flowery perfumed water just floods into my mouth. I just enjoy a morsel of splendid journey. I want its feeling to stay longer, so I keep tea inside my mouth for a long time. When it expires its flavor life, I just let go into my throat.
Tannin is less than I thought. It tastes clean rather than bitter although tea was based on Assam. Haha, of course, as I let the tea bag inside, it becomes like a poison. I had to put out of it when it’s brewed enough.



Pros : Chai usually needs more care to make, for it has more ingredients such as a certain sort of black tea and spices. Spices include cinnamon, gingers, nutmegs, cloves, and cardamon, which are not daily sprinkles.
Chai in Caffe bene gives good sensational taste. I didn’t expect that much from tea bagged Chai. However, it tastes good and interesting enough to enjoy my afternoon tea time.   

Cons : As I mentioned above, it goes strong and bitter as time goes by. It’s nature to be thicken. I was able to put it out, but they didn’t give me a tea bag tray, so I had no choice but to let it stay in the cup. I hope Caffe bene provides tea bag tray for customer.

Food Pairing :

Pineapple pie and Chai

You cut a piece of pineapple pie. You smell sweet pineapple, buttery pastry and pungent cinnamon scent all together. When you just melt as pie melt in your mouth. You sip a cup of Chai. First, the spice odor of Chai meets cinnamon of the pie. Then, the Assam tea cleans up all mixture of them. Enjoy the exotic and luscious harmony! 


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