A Restaurant : Angler food, Boksun Agujjim : in Busan, Korea


Boksun Agujjim ★★☆
복순 아구찜

Food : ★★★ Fantastic
Atmosphere:★★☆ Enjoyable
Service : ★☆☆ Fair

Korean Food / Casual Dining

Boksun Agujjim is a good restaurant hidden in Busan. Only locals know it. It serves few menus using a angler; Steamed angler(아구수육/Agu Suyuk), Braised spicy angler (아구찜/Agu jjim/) Angler soup(아구탕/Agu tang). A number of customers visit here everyday. It doesn’t operate direct marketing; no homepage, no franchise. It, as a single restaurant, achieved its fame only through words of mouth. Now, you can imagine the taste of food here.

The restaurant is a modified building of a normal Korean house. I feel as if I visited Korean friend’s house. As led by the staff, an middle aged man, I go into one room of three. There’s no chair seat, so I have to sit on the floor around the table.

I wait for the menu served, but they don’t have any paper based menu. I look upon the wall to find the menu. Sadly it's written only in Korean. I order Agujjim, the signature dish of this restaurant. For two of us, I order Agujjim Small adding a potato noodle and a bowl of rice. I drink a bowl of rice water 슝늉. I wait and look around. There are 4 tables full of people in the room, and most of them are family units. They look fairly old enough to afford the budget of Agujjim. (It’s a bit expensive for Korean youngsters)

In about 15 minutes, the staff brings a big tray with agujjim and side dishes. We start eating. Agujjim sauce has complex flavors with a variety of spices. But not as spicy as I thought. The bean sprouts are so crispy and moist. Its crisp mingles with the smooth flesh of angler. Noodle we added also gives great chewy starch-comfort to us. It’s quite interesting to feel two texture; freshness of sprouts and stickiness of noodle. 

The side dishes such as mayo-noodle, vinegary cucumber, seasoned mushrooms, Korean spring onion pancake and Kimchi are extra delights. Especially, spring onion pancake called ‘Pajeon’ is worthy enough to pay. Big and well seasoned. You must taste each all of side dishes.

Food storyist Tip :
You should eat Agujjim with Saengtak(생탁), a sort of Makgeoli in Busan.
They are a great match.

For Foreign Foodies 

Must Eat Menu & Very Korean Menu :   Braised spicy angler(아구찜/Agujjim/)
Spiciness : Agujjim ◆◆◇◇◇(A little Spicy)
English : ◇◇◇ (No English)

Menu : Steam angler 아구수육/Agu suyuk/(Large : 40,000won, Small : 30,000won), Braised spicy angler 아구찜/Agujjim/(Large : 40,000won, Medium : 30,000won, Small : 23,000won), Angler soup(1serving: 8,000won), Noodle adding 감자사리/Gamjasari/(1,000won), Rice bowl(1,000won), Makgeoli(3,000won), Soft drink(1,000won)

Main shop

Opens : 10:00~22:00
Location : At Minam station gate 3, towards Oncheon 3dong police office
Phone : 051-503-5222
Address : 1235-2, Oncheondong, Dongraegu, Busan
Budget : around 12,000won (except drinks)
Homepage : Not available
Branch visited : Oncheondong, Busan

<Restaurant exterior and interior>





Map: Main shop

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