Tea : Revolution Tea Bag, White tea with pear : Caffe bene in Korea

white tea

White pear tea

백차 (배 향)

Cafe : Caffe bene
Size & Price : Regular & 4,000won

Main Ingredients: white tea, sweet pears and natural pear flavor
Nutrition Facts : 0 kcal

Variation : white strawberry tea
Similar Product : white tea in cafes

Foodstoryist Review

white tea

white tea is a lightly oxidized tea grown and harvested almost in China, primarily in the Fujian province. White tea comes from the delicate buds and younger leaves. These buds and leaves wither in natural sunlight and then dry by sun, air or machines, and finally become white tea. It gets through just slight tea fermentation processing(or unfermented).
The name “white tea” derives from the fine silvery-white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant, which gives the plant a whitish appearance.

white tea

Color & Texture : lightly-brewed black tea brown rather than green tea.

Taste : Its color is quite brownish in spite of a short fermentation. It smells like lightly brewed darjeeling, delicate dark grass scent. Clean and clear finish. It gives just a little tannin, but soon buried in brewed grass flavor. If you are not a big fan of tea, you might be confused between light darjeeling and white tea. As mixed with pears, it somewhat gives fruity taste and a bit of sweetness at the end

white tea
white tea

Pros : When you drink white tea at the cafe, here is a good news. You can refill the water as much as you want. Although the taste is not the same as the first shot, it is quite satisfactory. (It’s not an official rule, but most caffe bene seems to provide free hot water. If you are brave enough to ask the second round, why not? I always do it.)

Cons : It tastes bland in a huge glass mug. Referring to the white tea articles, tea-bag of 2g should be brewed in 100~200 ml of water. The white pear tea served in Caffe bene is 1.65g, so it should be brewed in less than 200ml of water. The intensity of tea might not be important for some, but those favor of tea can be disappointed with its weak flavor. I suppose Caffe bene wanted to offer quantity of tea for customer content. I think It takes risk dissatisfying picky tea drinkers. I suggest to Caffe bene providing choices of intensity of tea to consumers, so that its white tea satisfies all customers.


white tea

Food Pairing :

Pancake with maple syrup and white tea

White tea contains a bit of tannin. Even though it’s less bitter than black tea, it still tempts you to eat something sweet. But, of course, not extremely sweet thanks to pear fruity scent. It pairs up with pancakes with a few drops of maple syrup. You bite one piece of pan-cake, then drink warm white tea. You enjoy the fragrant harmony of light tea and sweet maple. It’s a good mild breakfast with adequate sweetness.

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