Bookstore : Where to Buy English Book in Busan, Korea

I went to Kyobo bookstore today to read some books there.
I often go there as it is the biggest bookstore in Busan. There were more stores before internet bookstore such as yes24 that sells books with low costs. The street bookstores started to disappear and now Kyobo bookstore is the only one left.

I perched on a sofa
. I read the secret garden in English for hours on the sofa that was arranged for customers. I read almost the whole book. After that I felt sick motionless time there. I began to walk around there.


I found one section that carries English books
not translated. I thought it must be good information for you guys. I took some picture there.

You should go downstairs to the B1. Then find the G 6&7 section. You will find English books there. Just next to that book selves, there is foreign language section including Chinese and Japanese.

G7-1 Fiction
G7-2 Movie tie in
G7-3 SF Fantasy
G7-4 Literature
G7-5 Art/Cook
G6-6 Non-fction
G6-7 Management
G6-8 Science fiction
G6-9 Juvenile books
G6-10 Lonly Planet


You can enjoy your own language books there in Korea. Good for you!

And here is a stationery store, Hot track 
                         & a book cafe in the Kyobo bookstore.


If you cannot find the book by yourself, there is the book search desk for you. You might be embarrassed by Korean on the screen. Don’t worry the program is so simple that you will never be lost processing.


Enjoy your book ^ ^


Kyobo bookstore

Busan bookstore
Opens : 10:00~22:00
Location : Seomyeong station or Beomnaegol station gate 8
Phone : 051-806-3501
Address : 536-3 Kyobo buildding, Bujeon2dong, Jingu, Busan

Homepage :

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