Snack : Black sesami & Black bean, Harvest : Lotte in Korea


With black bean, black sesami

Company : Lotte
Weight : 88g(44g x2pack)

Main ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, shortening, coconut powder, black swesame, black bean
Nutrition Facts : 225kcal(1pack)
Carbohydrates 30g(9%) (sugars 9g)
Protein 3g(5%)
Fat 10g (20%)(saturated fat 6g/Trans-fat 0g)
Cholesterol less than 5mg (1%)
Sodium 170mg (9%)

Variation : Harvest original, Harvest soft cheese
Similar Product : Gosomi / Japanese Harvest


Foodstoryist Review

Color & Texture : Wooden color
                             Crispy and Cracking 


Taste : When I tasted Harvest, the first thing that streak my head was Gosomi made by Orion, Korea. They have quite similar taste with different shapes; Gosomi with a round edged square while Harvest with a circle. Harvest impressed me first with its nutty tastes compared to Gosomi with sugar. The biscuit was enriched with country-like grain flavors. It seemed produced to emphasize its grainy feeling with black sesami sprinkles on the surface of the biscuit.

In comparison with Gosomi, it’s certainly fortified with nutty character while Gosomi with sugar, salt, and butter mixed flavor. As a metaphor, I would say Gosomi is a buttery charming, but whimsical girl with sugar and salt, while Harvest is a young robust farmer in a grain storehouse. Almost the same ingredients, but very distinguished taste with proportion difference in it.

Pros : Not salty, not sweet, only nutty. Well balanced mixture of ingredients. It’s a very delicious snack. It's differentiated from western snack such as choco pies, and chips just like Gosomi.

Cons : I found the almost the same snack named ‘harvest’ in Japan. Harvest in Korea is made by Lotte. I just doubt that it actually originated from Japan, not from Korea. (Not very bad about that fact, but just feel sorry as Korean)

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