Snack : Roasted Chestnut Pack, Matbam : CJ in Korea




Matbam ★★★★☆
100% chestnuts, delicious healthy food

Company : CJ Cheiljedang
Weight : 42g

Main ingredients: chestnut 100%

Nutrition Facts : 73kcal(1serving-42g)
Carbohydrates 16g(sugars 5g) (5%)
Protein 1g(2%)
Fat 0.5g (saturated fat 0g/Trans-fat 0g)(1%)
Cholesterol less than 0mg
Sodium 20mg(1%)

Variation : No variation
Similar Product : Haepyo Matbam

Foodstoryist Review

Color  : light walnut color outside and inside
Taste : First you can smell a bit of nutty flavor on the surface. You smash one piece of the chestnut in your mouth, then it comes with mild chest nut flavor. Without sugar or sweetener adding, it tastes definitely simple and straight. Consumers who got accustomed to instinctive or strong flavor might think it is too somewhat bland. The chestnut taste is just like a chest. I finish my review here.



Pros : No doubt that it’s good for your health. It is a nature food without adding any artificial additive or flavors. It will invite you to the slow food world. It is portable packed in the plastic, and so convenient to carry in the bag for your afternoon snack.

Cons : Chestnuts used in Matbam are imported from China. I don't want to discuss the prejudice or vias on food in china. I just want to ascertain that Korea also harvests chestnuts in many provinces including Jeongan, Buyeo, Sancheong, and Yangpyeong. They are admired to be distinctively sweet and delicious. I recommend CJ as Korean leading food company consider using Korean local agri-products to promote Korean agriculture industry.

Food Pairing :

Chocolate and Chestnut Fondue

I would like to introduce you a interesting way to eat chestnuts(Matbam) with chocolate. You know what a fondue is? This time, you apply chocolate instead of cheese, a chocolate fondue. Sounds yum?


All you need is chocolate, dried fruits and chest nuts. You first start melting the chocolate, all types, whichever you like. In a meantime, you just cut dried fruits such as prunes, bananas, plums, or pigs. into pieces in size of chestnuts. (You can prepare whichever you like.) Later, you fork the fruits first and add chestnuts in order. Chestnuts are fragile, so add it later. The last action is you place your fork into melted warm chocolate and then into your mouth. Enjoy your lovely chestnut fondue.

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