Snack : Soboru? Soboro! : Paris Baguette in Korea
                                                                      soboro=soboru=strewed bread


Soboru (Strewed bread) ★★★★☆
소보로 빵

Company : Paris Baguette
Weight : 85g

Main ingredients: wheat flour, butter, peanut, sugar
Nutrition Facts : 280kcal(85g)
Sugars 11g
Protein 7g(12%)
Saturated fat 3g(20%)
Sodium 180mg(9%)

Variation : Sweet potato soboru, Soboru stick
Similar Product : Tous les Jour Soboru

Foodstoryist Review

Color & Texture : dim yellow(straw) color
                             Crispy and buttery strewed cover and rough bread inside

Taste : Soboru usually divides into two parts, cookies on top and bread at the bottom. I instantly smell the strong nutty flavor even at a distance. I usually pick up the strewed cookies with my finger first, because it is the best part of the bread. I enjoy the butter crispy cookie with peanuts in. The cookies impress you with two texture, crunching feeling and chewy and sticky feeling with peanut butter. Later on, I tear off a bit of soboru(the whole bread) and put it into the mouth. The biscuit on top is super sweet itself, while the bread at the bottom is bland. It sets on a balance mixing sweetness with blandness.

A funny way to cast your fortune through soboru.

Curious? Check the bottom surface of it, and if there are crispy cookies the same one on the top, you are lucky. It gives extra sweetness to it. Some have it, others don't. So Test your luck with your soboro today.


Pros : Compared to other bakeries, Paris baguette tops with a lot more cookies.  They are less screwy on ingredients. Additionally, its cookie is more crispy giving richer buttery flavor. It’s a charming point for consumers for sure. It is the best and steady seller of Paris baguette.

Cons : The bread part of Paris baguette is too bland contrary with sugary cover on top. I hope it is more flavored so that it positively affects the whole bread. It results that the bread taste is too separated from cookie’s. It’s better to eat soboro with complementary food that contains a flavor.

The quantity of cookies varies depending on the store. Some bakeries have a lot of it on, but others have just little. There must be a standard recipe of it, but the style or the amount of cookie-attaching seem to be decided by the owners or bakers. The headquarter’d better standardize the product. That’s my one thought.

But, I think I am enjoying testing my fortune wishing the biggest soboro with enormous amount of cookies on. HaHa.


Food Pairing :

Chai Latte and Soboro

What is Chai Latte?
Chai is a beverage from the Indian subcontinent made by brewing tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise or fennel seeds, peppercorn and cloves. Chai latte is the steamed milk of a normal latte is being flavored with a spiced tea concentrate, Chai. You can add sweetener or sugar to adjust the extent of sweetness.


Eating a part of Soboro, you enjoy its own taste first. Then, you should try it with Chai Latte, warm spiced milk tea. You put one bite of soboro in your mouth, drink one morsel of chai latte and chew them together. You can feel the milk tea soaking bread and buttered crispy cookies altogether.

The most impressive part of this pairing is chai’s spices flavor. The flavorless bread part gets back up with a bit of exotic flavors of spices, bitterness of tea, sweetness of sugar, and smoothness of milk. It complements the missed part of the soboro. a Good match.  



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