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탐 앤 탐스

Food : ★★☆ Delicious (Rather differentiated)
Atmosphere:★★☆ Enjoyable
Service : ★★☆  Touched

Coffee & Pretzel / Franchise Cafe

TONMNTOMS COFFEE is a professional coffee franchise brand. It strives to satisfy customers with the rich taste and aroma of high quality coffee extracted through its own roasting technology, offering pretzels baked right in the shop, good people and a comfortable atmosphere. TOMSNTOMS COFFEE is a global coffee business in the Uninted States, Australia, China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


Tomntoms is a cafe. Walking along the street, I suddenly feel like sipping a cup of coffee. I look around and there is a cafe. Its deep walnut color exterior and logo get along with the surroundings. Even inside the cafe, you feel cozy with the color mixture of deep brown, warm ivory, dark green, and glowing lights. Its feeling is the same with that of its round logo. On the wall, illustrations catch my eyes. Listening flowing jazz and the bean-grounding buzzing sound invigorate the mood of the cafe.

Tomntoms offers a number of varieties of food and beverages. On the menu, the unfamiliar beverage names are laid, and makes me curious about them. They seem to change Frappuccino to TomNccino. Its creativeness interests me as well. Not only the name they challenged, but also the new taste they created. Such as Pecan pralines, Walnutccino, Blackberry(and Rasberry) Italian Soda, and so on. They provide new cafe snack, Pretzel, that no cafe ever tried. They even diversified the pretzel dishes adding flavors and garnishes. Its novelty excites me bored of the unified menu in cafes.

In terms of atmosphere, the design of stores is rather too ordinary, so I defined, at the first, Tomntoms as ‘a cafe’. It positively works as a comfortable and attaching feeling to customers, but negatively no impression to them. The emphasizing symbol should be invented to strengthen its character.

On the menu, I hardly find the Korean menu. It, as a Korean orginated cafe, should have provided korean style menu.
According to the homepage, it exports to other countries including USA, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand. I don't know if they offer korean menu there. I just highly recommend developing Korean products. I ascertain that for Tomntoms to become a leading company based on Korea, it should perform social responsibilities introducing Korean food and culture and exporting Korean materials.

For Foreign Foodies 

Must Eat Menu
:  GreenMint Mocha(or Choco) TomNccino,

                          Vanila TomNccino,
                          Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte,
Very Korean Menu : Sweet Potato Latte, Crysanthemum Tea

Spiciness : ◇◇◇◇◇ (Not at all)
English : ◆◆◇ (Menu written in English)

Menu : Americano(3,600won), Cappuccino(3,900won), Cafe Latte(3,900won), Vanilla Latte(4,300won), Premium yogurt smoothie(5,300won), Premium smoothie(4,800won)TomNccino(5,800won)

Main Shop

Opens :
24hour open

Location : Sinsa, Seoul
Phone : 02-542-5517
Address : Hanyang town 1st floor, 665-1, Sinsadong, Gangnam gu, Seoul
Budget : around 5,000won (1drink)
Homepage : http://www.tomntoms.com/

Branch visited : Sajik, Busan

<Restaurant exterior and interior>


Map: sinsa main shop

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