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cj curry

CJ Hot Curry ★★★☆☆
CJ 매운맛 카레

Company : CJ
Weight : 180g(1serving)

Main ingredients : Frozen potatoes, carrots, onions, pork, sugar, 
                              wheat flour, curry, spicies

Nutrition Facts : 1 pack(180g)
Calories 125kcal
carbohydrates: 18g(5%)
sugars 6 g
Proteins 2g(3%)
Fats 4.9g(10%)(satruated fat 1.4g/trans-fat0g)
Cholesterol 5 mg(25%)

Variation : CJ Mild Curry
Similar Product : Oddugi Curry  

cj curry
cj curry
cj curry

Foodstoryist Review

Color & Texture : Deep straw
                             Sauce-like thick texture with slightly curry powdery feeling

Taste :
First impression of CJ hot curry is a bit disappointing. I expected the lots of colorful vegetables as I saw on the cover picture. I thought I can nourish myself with this vegetable-filled curry. 

I read the article that curry has anti-aging effect, and it’s the time to look younger. I was so excited to open it. I tore the edge of if and pour the content to the bowl. But how come I can’t find any red or brown color in the bowl? Where are my carrots and my pork that lay on the package photo that amused my eyes? There seem only potatoes in the curry. They had to name it as Potato curry instead.

Heating the curry in the microwave, I tried to ease my anger. As disappointed, I tasted the sauce. It was a bit spicy as it stated on the name, but it was delightful. I was able to feel the various kinds of ingredients and spices in it. It was a good harmony. I mix rice into the curry and enjoyed eating it.    


Pros :
well balanced sauce with dynamic spices in it. It is very simple to make taking just 3~5 minutes to prepare in total. The price is also reasonable, so you can make a valued meal with small budget.

Cons : As I said above, it doesn't contain as many vegetables as It describes on the package. Don’t be too disappointed with that. You can add leftover vegetables in the fridge if you can.
If you eat like a bird, the amount of sauce will be too much and taste salty.(Furthermore, It is high in sodium as well.) you should adjust the quantity of the sauce when preparing.

Food pairing :

Kimchi and Curry
Kimchi is the well known and the best match. Its spicy and salty taste just goes well with curry. Especially, its sour-spicy well blends with curry’s sweety-spicy. You place a small piece of Kimchi on curry rice on your spoon. But be aware that both food are based on salt, it means you unconciously eat enormous amount of rice offseting saltiness.

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