A Restaurant : Barbecue skirtmeat, Mapogalmaegi : Franchise in Korea




Food : ★★☆ Delicious
Atmosphere:★★★ Fantastic
Service : ★☆☆ : Fair

Korean Food / Barbeque Restaurant

Mapo is a memorable place for many Seoul citizens. It used to be a bus terminal, so in the evening, workers enjoyed the meat and drank with their colleagues there before going home. Many people in their forties recall their past through Mapo time to time, while youngsters visiting here enjoy the old-fashion style restaurant. Through this point, Mapogalmaegi wanted to recollect its affectionate and longing memories. It started at Yeonsudong in Incheon in 2005 and began franchising. Upon now, it expanded its franchisees to 340 stores throughout Korea.

"When I enter the Mapogalmaegi, I become jaunty with its brisk atmosphere. Especially after you shiver outside in winter, you will be relaxed with its warming interior and its passionate talkers frying meat on the pan. I am surrounded by its complex and intimate place."

"I order the menu and soon, then the meat I asked and side dishes are served by a young staff. After placing the meat on the round stone pan, I have a look at the staff pouring egg in the kettle to the particular round edge of the pan. It amuses my eyes while waiting for meat browned. As the meat is cooked enough to eat, our talk ripens enough to laugh."

 "The severs are hecticly moving between tables, so I feel sorry for asking or even ordering. You could feel unpleasant due to lack of promptness of its service. Then, you’d better dive to your conversation until the staff dive into your table to take your orders. Just enjoy the talk, the food, and the place."

For Foreign Foodies 

Must Eat Menu : Spicy Skirtmeat(매콤 갈매기살), Mapo Skirtmeat(마포 갈매기살)
Very Korean Menu : Pork rind(돼지껍데기), Raw beef(육회)
Spiciness : Mapo skirtmeat : ◇◇◇◇◇ (Not at all),
                 Spicy skirtmeat & side dish : ◆◆◇◇◇(A little Spicy)
English : ◆◇◇ (No English menu/Ask in English)

Menu : Spicy Skirtmeat(150g:7,500won), Mapo Skirtmeat(150g:6,900won), Pork belly(150g: 6,900won), Mapo pork rib(200g: 6,900won), Pork rind(150g:5,000won), Raw meat bibimbab(5,500won), Mapo noodle(3,000won), Rice bowl(1,000won), Adding egg(1,500won)

Main Shop


Opens : It depends on the stores
Location : Near Incheon Cheong-ryang elementary school
Phone : 032-817-3450 
Address : 604-9 Yeonsudong, Yeonsugu, Incheon
Budget : around 10,000won (except drinks)
Homepage : www.mapo92.com

Branch visited : (340branches) Dongrae, Busan

<Restaurant exterior and interior>

                                  <Left; pork rind, Right; skirtmeat>

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