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green tea

Green Tea Latte


Cafe : Hands Coffee
Size & Price : Regular(330ml) & 5000won

Main Ingredients: Green Tea, Milk, Sugar
Nutrition Facts : 260 kcal(regular size)

Variation : Sweet potato Latte
Similar Product : Green tea Latte

green tea

Foodstoryist Review

Color & Texture : Dark Green(like cooked peas)
                   Smooth foam on the top and milky medium body

Taste : When I first sip, green tea’s bitter taste comes into my mouth and then follows with sugary taste. I can feel the thick green tea, and it must contain a spoonful of green tea powder. Exaggerating, I feel as if I keep one spoon of green tea in the mouth. In other words, you taste quite bitterness of tannin. However, the sugary sweetness soothes it and the milk cover both up. Finally, you appreciate the blending of the opposites. It is kind of fun enjoying the mixture of quite contrary characters, bitter and sweet. Also, milk is busy meditating and embracing them with its smooth and cozy body. Interesting.


green tea

green tea

Pros : It tastes very green tea with high green tea powder contain. The mixture of bitterness and sweetness make distinctive flavors that separates from espresso variations common in cafe. It can be a pleasurable option trying something ditching. It also has health benefits since it is made of well-being green teaand nutritious milk.(According to its homepage, it uses 100% organic green tea, it can’t be better.)

Cons : The extent of sweetness varies depending on the store. The green tea latte in Hands coffee was definitely too sweet.(Actually, it is why I remove one star of the rating above.) If you wish to have healthy effects as well as tastes, you must ask the staff to less sweeten it.

Food Pairing

Vanilla Wafer and Green Tea Latte

Green tea is a bit bitter, sweet, smooth, and warm milky beverage. It has its intricate flavor, so the matching food should be rather simple. Green tea is very smooth, so it need something crunchy feeling of the pair. The entire feeling of it is very warm and cozy, so the match’d better feels similar. It meant the pairing food should be a bit crunchy and soft in flavor. I thought the vanilla wafer was meant to be with this green tea.

Yes, It is a fantastic match harmonizing. If green tea is too sweet, then try with wafer without flavor, and if it’s not sweet, with vanilla or chocolate wafer. You will love it for sure.

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