Snack : Sweet Nutty Cracker, Gosomi : Orion in Korea


Sweet Nutty Cracker

Company : Orion
Weight : 80g(40g x2pack)

Main ingredients: wheat flour, fine sugar, vegetable oil, sesami seeds, salt

Nutrition Facts
:Calories 200kcal(1pack)

Carbohydrates 26g(dietary fiber 1g/sugars 11g)
Protein 2g
Fat 10g (saturated fat 5g/Trans-fat 0g)
Cholesterol less than 5mg
Sodium 140mg
Calcium 65mg

Variation : Gosomi Homilae(Gosomi Rye love)
Similar Product : Japanese Harvest


Foodstoryist Review

Color & Texture : Bright wooden colors
                             Crispy and Cracking 


: When I crunch a piece of Gosomi, the sugar touches my toungue first. Soon, it follows by tiny salt that sprinkles on the surface of the biscuit. The crispy biscuit, deep-fried in oil, is being melt and gives starch-sweetness that satisfy our carb-fat indulgence. It’s also fun cracking making crackles. The next taste-buds hitter is nutty flavor, since there are numerous sesami seeds embroidered into the cracker.
As breaking it in the mouth, the nutty flavor oozes out and blends with starch, sugar and little salt. This mixture of the starch, oil, sugar, sesami seeds, and a bit of salt make a great harmony.

Pros : It has kinda distinctively nutty compared to western snacks such as choco pies, and chips. You can give this to foreign friends as gifts thanks to its korean or asian taste. Good for introducing Korean tastes.

Cons : As it is very thin, the whole pack doesn’t fill your stomach that much. It means that you end up finishing the whole pack quickly, and it’s 200 kcal. If you eat it as a delicate relish with a small amount, its okay, otherwise, you eat more snacks after and after.

Food Pairing :

Job’s tears tea and Gosomi

If you know both Job’s tears tea and Gosomi, you think both taste similar. Two of them have sweet and nutty flavors.

If you match these two, they will strengthen its nutty and sweet taste much stronger. The tea will warm your mouth and give smooth texture. Gosomi will provide the little salt to fill missing part that the tea doesn't have. It is the wonderful complex combination with sweet and nutty tastes served with warm temperature. They are a perfect match.

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