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Persimmon Smoothie ★★★☆☆
홍시(Hongsi) 스무디

Cafe : Angelinus
Size & Price : Regular & 5800 won

Main ingredient: Iced persimmon 
Nutrition Facts : 204 kcal(small size)

Variety : Melon Smoothie Golden Kiwi Fruit smoothie, Lemon Yogurt Smoothie, Yogurt Smoothie, Strawberry Smoothie, Blueberry Smoothie
Similar Product : Cafe Bene Persimmon Smoothie


Foodstoryist Review

Color & Texture
Dim Orange

 Watery and a tiny bit of ice-flake(nearly unfeeling)

 I can feel the genuine flavor of persimmon itself, not artificial flavor. As it urges on its name, Hongsi, it seems being made of Hachiya type of persimmons, not Fuyu ones.

I hope it has more deeper or thicker texture of the fruit, because it’s a bit more watery than I expected, even compared to the one in ‘Cafe Bene’. I think Angelius attempted to emphasize the simpleness through the use of few ingredients, but as the fruit contain seems lower, it unintentionally reveals the emptiness somehow. It should be more condensed to recover its original taste intended. You’d better ask the staff to thicken the drink when ordering.

It’s a little sweet, so if you particularly like something extreme sweet or non-sweet, you can adjust the sweetness of the drink through further requests.



Food Pairing :

1. Whole grain bagel(bread) and Persimmon Smoothie

The nutty flavor of the bread and the fruity flavor of the persimmon make a great harmony. If the smoothie is dense enough to stay on the bagel without being soaked, you can put one spoonful of smoothie on the bagel and just get a bite of it. Chewing it, these two will give you hot and cold temperature and smooth and rough textures simultaneously. You can put more smoothie if you want more scrumptious tastes of it. You must try this home and country style taste feeling that you get healthier. 

2. Chocolate Muffin with chocolate chips and Persimmon Smoothie

If you know the great matching between orange and chocolate, you can easily imagine this perfect pairing. The freshness of the persimmon flavor and devil sweet chocolate muffin with lots of chocolate pieces in.

First, you poke the top of the muffin and place it into your mouth and feel the dark temptation. Then, just suck up the persimmon smoothie and the tart coolness will coat and cover the chocolate. You, then just close your eyes and chew slowly so that two will be mixed up, also chocolate chips melt, and make the heavenly sweetness on the flow.

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