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 I want it.
 Mom always keeps me from drinking coffee, because mom thinks caffeine in it curbs my growth. I heard of it many times from school and TV, so I know, I know. My friends are also prohibited from drinking coffee by their parents. To me, however, whether I grow well or not is not a matter.

Why children may not drink it, and why adults may? It seems like the symbol of an adult. I want to be an adult and get freedom.

The dark drink allowed only to adults. It will be my target tonight.

                                                                                       a diary of mine in 1995


I think I just wanted to obtain the emblem of adultness by drinking coffee. I was not fond of that bitterness of coffee, of course, as a child, I could not bear the medicine-like taste at all.

I had my secret coffee recipes with optimal ratio of coffee, Frima, and sugar. I heard when adults order coffee, they said something like 2, 2, 2. I knew it means the number of spoon of each ingredient.

I sometimes sneaked into the kitchen at night and made my own coffee without making any noise. I would get grounded if my parents caught me. I made it very quietly not to awake them. As I was instructed, I put two flat spoons of instant coffee and two hill or mountain-like spoons of Frima and sugar. I appreciate heavenly sweet coffee and I was proud of myself entering into the adult life. I indulged in that sweety coffee that I made.

The other day
, I felt curiosity about the taste of Frima itself. I just scooped out one spoon of Frima and put it into my mouth. It was like powdered milk, but it has something more. Good enough. I just fell in love with this white powder. It was kind of addictive.

Every now and then, I would devour spoons of if at night noiselessly not to let my parents recognize it. I didn't want to get in trouble with my bad behavior midnight.

I didn't stop gulping my private night snack until Frima was all gone. Mom noticed that Frima disappeared suddenly, but she didn't buy it anymore. I couldn't ask her to buy it, either.

Nowadays, I recall my memories involved in that dark drink, drinking a cup of americano.
Frankly speaking, I think I fancied ‘Frima’, powdered coffee creamer.



What is Frima?

Frima is a non-dairy creamer.
To simply say, a Korean version of Coffee-Mate. 

Non-dairy creamers are liquid or granular substances intended to substitute for milk or cream as an additive to coffee or other beverages. The first commercial powdered creamer was “Pream”, first marketed in 1952 and made from dehydrated cream and sugar. It had the problem of not dissolving easily because of the protein in the milk. Six years later, in 1958, the Carnation Company developed a product that easily dissolved in hot liquid because it replaced most of the milk protein with dried vegetable oil. The new product was marketed under the Carnation label with the brand name "Coffee-Mate". Then, Frima is invented in 1974 by a Korean coffee company, Dongsuh.


True or False ? 
Non-dairy creamer contains Much fat, even trans-fat.

One year ago, there appeared a rumor. It is said to have a lot of fat, even trans-fat, and cholesterol. Consumers agitated by this rumor wondering if it is true or not. They worried and didn't want to take risk eating them. As the situation worsens, the company, Dongsuh, tried to convince the health-safeness of non-dairy creamer.


It says that

1. In terms of fat contains

‘3~4g of creamer is in a cup of coffee. If we suppose that we drink 3 cups of coffee, we intake 9~12g of creamer. It means just 2.7~3.6g of fat a day, and it’s not much.’

2. In terms of calories

1 serving(4.7g)
Calories : 25kcal
Carbohydrate 2.7g, Protein 0g, fat 1.6g(saturated fat1.6g), Trans-fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 5mg

It has just 25kcal per serving. It equals to a half tomato, a half morning bread, a half walnut. It’s consumed by 12minutes of walking. 

I know it is not the best choice to drink instant coffee with creamer in it vegetable fat will harm my body. I’d rather replace creamer for milk for my health. I heard of it many times from magagines and TV, so I know, I know.

In spite of that, creamer’s addictive taste hinders me from quitting. It drags me to put up spoonful of creamers into my cup. It smooths bitterness, sourness and astringent taste of coffee. Which hauls me to it, its fatty flavor or its nostalgic memory? Difficult to answer.

I Just want it.



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