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Food : ★★☆ Delicious
Atmosphere: ★★☆ Enjoyable
Service : ★★☆ Attached

Donut Cafe / Fast Food Cafe

BR Korea, a huge food service corporation in Korea, was associated with Dunkin international to launch Dunkin donuts in Korea in 1993. It opened the first store at Itaewon in 1994, continued opening and reached to 635 stores in 2009. It leads the donut market competing with crispy donut and Mr.Donut, but it remain dominant empowered by its sturdy chain system of the BR group. It promotes ‘premium fresh donuts’ emphasizing use of sunflower seed oil after the trans-fat issue standing as the leader of the market.

 “First of all, Dunkin donuts stores are highly accessible, since it has about 700 stores in Korea. I come by here every now and then, when I feel like going to cafe. I feel assured to its standardized and trustful tastes and services. It always shows new products every season, and I cannot wait new ones. This year cutely tree shaped donuts for Christmas also delight me. Furthermore, it carries high quality coffee that suits for its donuts, and it betters the donut taste. "

" However, it’s been more than 15 years since it appeared in Korea, it pursues kinda stubborn brand design for several years. I think it needs changing of the interior and exterior of the store to catch up with ceaselessly changing trend. "

For Foreign Foodies 

Must Eat Menu
: Boston cream / Strawberry filled / Honey Fritter

Very Korean Menu

   Chestnut&redbean filled donut                           Redbean paste filled rice-donut



Spiciness(Donut) : ◇◇◇◇◇(Not at all)
English : ◆◆◇(Menu written in English)

Menu :
Munchkins(250won), Filled donut(1100~1500won), Ring Donut(1000~1300won), Americano(3000won), Black Original(1900won)

Opens : 8:00~23:00 (It depends on the store ±1hour)
location : at Itaewon, gate 3, next to the starbucks
phone : 02-795-7413  /address : 127-2, Iteawon 1dong, Yongsangu, Seoul
Budget : around 5000 won( 1 drink + 1 donut )
homepage : http://www.dunkindonuts.co.kr/
Branch visited :(around 700stores) Sajik, Busan

<Restaurant exterior and interior>


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