Japanese restaurant : Bento and Sake, Mugen in Busan

Mugen ★★★★★
무겐 夢幻

Japanese Food / Family restaurant

 “I am so fond of three angel characters and its products such as mugs and tumblers.”“It has high accessability of more than 500 branches. I can just easily come by and get a sip.”“I can get discount with Lotte card, another perk.”“Here it has more sofas than chairs, and I sit more time, more comfortable.” 

For Foreign Foodie

Menu : Stemina bento(18,000won), Yagyu steak bento(17,000won), Garaage bento(12,000won), Kaisen bento(17,000won), Chashu bento(15,000won), Maguro bento(15,000won), Ashai (8,000won), Mugen beer(4,000won), Lime beer(5,000won), Sake(8,000won~12,000won)

English : ◆◆◆(With menu/Conversable)
Spiciness : ◆◇◇◇◇ (Not much)

Main shop

Opens : 11:30~23:00
Location : the hill of Dal-mazi (달맞이 고개)
Phone : 051-747-6843             
Address : 1480-2, Jungdong, Haewundaegu, Busan
Budget : around 20,000won (1 bento+1 dirnk)
Parking : Yes

<Restaurant exterior and interior>


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