A Restaurant : Fried Chicken, the Frypan : Franchise in Korea

the Frypan ★★★★☆
더 후라이팬

Western Food / Casual Dining 

the Frypan is the comfortable and simple place that goes with the modern trend. It started as a small restaurant on the corner of Hongik university street.  Making more stylish and glamorous atmosphere that meets women needs, the owner made 'a very different chicken restaurant.'. With distinctive crisp of the chicken with 10 kinds of spice mix, it fascinates the women taste buds.

"I love the potato chips under the chicken. It gives additional pleasure for the dish." " I like the interior that is unique and I feel asif I were in the kitchen frying chicken" "I am so impressed by its fresh beer that goes well with chicken, and the beer glass is distinguished in size!"

Menu : Chicken Tender without bones(16,800won/ salad set : 22,800won), Drumstick without bones(16,800won/ salad set : 22,800won), Chicken Tender and Drumstick(25,800 won/ salad set : 313,00won)
Spiciness : ◆◇◇◇◇ (Not Much)

Opens : 17:00 ~ 24:00
Location : At Sangsu station, walk to back gate of Hongdae. It's near the Ministop convenience store.
Phone : 02-3143-7856            
Address : 93-1, Sansudong, Mapogu, Seoul
Budget : around 10,000won
Homepage : http://www.thefrypan.co.kr

Branch : Sajik, Busan(051-504-7792) 

<Restaurant exterior and interior>

the frypan
the frypan
the frypan
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