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Do Koreans eat a mandarine box?
Yes, that’ right, but it’s metaphor.


Koreans eat a box of the mandarine every winter. According to the Korean agriculture institute, the mandarine is announced as the No.1 consumption per capital with the record of 15.4kg per person. It follows with the apple with 9.9kg and asian pear with 8.0kg. There is the huge consumption gap from the no.2, apple. The more surprising fact is that it occurs only in winter, the limited season.

When Koreans buy mandarines from the supermarket, we don’t buy few kilograms of the plastic bag. We usually buy a 10kg of box or order a heavy box through the internet. Then, we enjoy mandarines as they want.

Korean often says that I ate one box of mandarine for few days and my fingers turned yellow. we eat the huge amount of mandarine just peeling them by hands. We don't cook or use them in the dish. We eat them just raw and fresh. As peeling it with their finger, the juice of it colors all finger-tips and nails. Some people time to time show off their hand to friends as if they want to prove their saying.

Koreans love to eat mandarines.

When you come to Korean in winter,
you should lie on the floor peeling mandarines,
                                                   and dye your fingers with yellow.



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