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I went to picnic to the Haedong Yonggung temple to celebrate my birthday, 17 December. It was extremely cold outside with negative temperature. We ate lunch in the car at the parking lot, haha, I didn't want to, but I had no choice, and then headed toward the temple.

From the parking lot to the temple stairs, there are many kinds of street food markets along the side. You can see some snacks including bungeoppang, kukhwappang, and hoddeok and hot drinks including coffee and tea. They, laying on the stand, seem to attract visitors to eat them with mouth-watering smells and looks.

Under the chilly wind, I had to warm my hands and bought two of expensive hot americano with 3000 won each. (Foods in tourist attractions are expensive unrelated to its quality, and it applies to here, too) Whether my wallet got lighter or not, my hands became warm thanks to that damn high valued americano.

When I got to the main temple area, I was so awed by the wonderful scenery. The temple is located absolutely next to the sea. Behind the temple, there is greeny mountains with ever-green pine trees. The combination of the sea, the mountain and the temple was beautiful. This harmony touched me and I gazed at the magnificient view for a long time.

After taking few photos, I climb upto the big bosal statue on top of the temple. Some people bowed in front of the statue praying for their wish or wishing their luck. I Standed against the statue and looked down to the sea and temple. The breath-taking view just grabbed my eyes. The sea waves ceaselessly hitting the rocks under the temple and the temple firmly stand by the sea. It was nicer to see the whole place from up.  


If you want to know about the historical of Yonggung temple,

Click '더보기' here

It is also very famous place for sun-rising
. As you might
 know, Korea is situated near the international date line. In other words, Korea is the one of the countries see the sun earlier than other countries. Furthermore, Yonggung temple is placed on the south-eastern part of Korea, so it sees the sun the earliest even in Korea. As a result, Yonggung temple is the world earliest sun-rising place of the day, or of the year. Not only with the early rising, Yonggung temple is well-known for the most magnificent rising from the sea. You must not miss it.

People believe that at least one wish will be answered if they pray here. Many people visit this temple and pray. How about praying here for your wish new year?

How to get to Haedong Yonggung temple.

By bus

1. From Haewundae
You need to go Haewundae station(subway or train) first.
Then, take the bus # 181.
Get off at the Yonggung temple.
You must walk for about 15 minutes.
2. From Songjung
Take the bus # 181
Get off at the Yonggung temple.
You must walk for about 15 minutes.

By taxi
1. From Haewundae : 7000~8000 won
2. From Songjung : 2500~3000 won
( The fare changes depending on traffic)

You can visit the website
to get more pictures and information for more detail.

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