Korean Festival : Chuncheon Dakgalbi festival by Kyungchun Line .

Chuncheon Dakgalbi festival

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This is a festival prepared for promoting the chicken spare rib(Dakgalbi), which is the folk food of Chuncheon area, and for attracting Korean and foreigner tourists and activating local economy.
In the Chuncheon Dakgalbi festival, the experience events related to chickens such as the catching of chickens, throwing of eggs in the far distance, and various performance events such as the Dakgalbi song festival, trial performance, tasting event, small movie festival in the middle of the summer night, etc. are progressed so that people can enjoy different enjoyments. The flavor of Dakgalbi is famous so much as to be said that if people come to Chuncheon but cannot eat Dakgalbi, they cannot find the meaning of visiting Chuncheon.

The Dakgalbi is not a rib itself but is a dish cooked by sizzling the chickens with a Variety of vegetables on the iron plate, after spreading chipped chickens thickly like cutting out file fish, and mixing them with spices.

If you want to feel the real-active situation over there, follow this link below.
(Korean version. Sorry that I could not get any vedio clip in English but in Korean)

Date : from the end of August to the beginning of September.
Place : Chuncheon City
Hompage : http://www.mdfestival.com/index.html 
              (only Korean version available)

How to get to Dakgalbi Alley

To get to Chuncheon station.

You must go Sangbong station fist to take Gyeongchun Line.
At Sangbong station,
you take the subway that comes every 20 minutes.
It costs you 2,500 won (using metro-card).
It takes 1hour 5minutes to 1hour 20 minutes to get there.

To get to Dakgalbi Alley
(Dakgalbi golmok, 닭갈비 골목)

First, you can walk there for 20 minutes from the station.
Otherwise, you can take a taxi on the opposite side of the station.
You just ask a taxi driver to get to Myung-dong, Dakgalbi golmok(명동, 닭갈비 골목)
There are so many visitors coming here, so it doesn't matter how well you prounce it. 
It costs you only the regular fare maybe about 2,500 won.
When you see that pillar(the picture above), you can surely get off.
And enjoy!

The Gyeongchun Line

The Gyeongchun Line
is a railway line connecting Seoul to Chuncheon in South Korea. The line is operated by Korail. The name of the line came from Gyeongseong (meaning Seoul) and Chuncheon. The line was reconstructed in a new alignment in its entirety in the 2000s. A frequent passenger service operates between Sangbong Station on the Jungang Line in eastern Seoul and Chuncheon Station as part of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway system since December 21, 2010.
By the end of 2011, Korail plans to introduce the ITX service (Intercity Train EXpress), which uses Class 368000 double-deck trains. Trains will have a travel time of 40 minutes between Chuncheon and Yongsan Station in Seoul, operating at a maximum speed of 180 km/h (112 mph).                                                                  By Mr. Wiki

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