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1. Geoga Bridge

On the way to Geoje from Busan, we must pass the Geoga Bridge to reach their at minimum time spending. Geoga Bridge was completed in 2010, meaning that it is pretty new. (Yes, it also means that it charges the toll of 10,000won for one way.) However, I would pay it if I can drive those beautiful roads along with open dark-blue sea.

Moreover, you will have chance to run through the deepest submarine tunnel with the maximum 48m of depth. Frankly, I could not think that I was driving undersea. The only thing that confirms the fact is the luminous number signs hanging from the ceiling. Whether I feel it or not, the important point is that I pass through the undersea as I had imagined at my young age and this great creation was built in Korea, my country, full of wonder and pride.  


Information refered to Geoje tourism Homepage.

Geoga Bridge

Geoga Bridge is a 8.2km long 4 lane bridge that will connect Yuho-ri, Jangmok-myeon, Geoje-si to Gadeokdo, Busan. The construction started in Nov. 2003 will be completed by 2010. With the construction of Daejeon~Tongyeong Expressway and Geoga Bridge, a central axis connecting Daejeon - Jinju - Geoje and a southeastern axis connecting Pohang-Ulsan-Busan-Geoje will be established. And Geoje will become the hub of southern Gyeongnam and the hub of tourism on south coast.

2. Hakdong Beach

Black pearls there are in Hakdong beach, Geoje. Unbelievable? But it is true. Some visitors picked them up and take them home as souvenir. The warning sign that prohibit from taking them standing next to the beach, some still steal. You might want to ask me whether stealing jewels is not a crime. But we do not arrest people of that behavior, because this pearl is not money-valued jewel. Hakdong beach is full of dark colored pebbles instead of sand that is common in Korean shores. Those pebbles resemble black pearls, so I called them pearls and the government named the beach ‘Hakdong black-pearl beach’ or 'Hakdong Mongdol(몽돌) beach' (Mongdol = A round stone in Korean)

Sorry for my joke at the beginning, but I ascertain that this unique and distinct pearls are actual-valued jewels.

Information refered to Geoje tourism Homepage.

Hakdong Pebble Beach

This beach belongs to Hakdong-ri, Dongbu-myeon, Geoje. Its name originated from its shape of flying crane. The scenery of the 1.2km long 50m wide beach with the area of 30,000 ㎢ covered by pebbles called Mongdol is unique. This beach is also famous for camellia habitat, which was designated as Natural Monument No. 233, along the 3km long beach.

About 20cm long, colorful fairy pitts come in June, breed here and then leave in Sept.

3. Wind hill

If you come to Geoje, you should not miss this place.

 I had not known this place existed before I visited here. In other words, it is not that well-known even for Korean. I tried to figure out the secret place was not highlighted by public. I started to think about my path to here. Allright. Because of the low accessibility. It is not easy to reach here by public transportation such as train, bus or even a taxi. It needs a car to approach.
It still had a number of tourists and visitors in spite of unknown. When I looked out the sea, the marvelous scenery made me open. My heart seems to directly feel the breeze from the spacious and vast blue sea. I felt so cool.

Information refered to Geoje tourism Homepage.

Windy hill/Sinseondae
when we come down to the north at a comer going to Haegeumgang after passing Hammok, we can see a fishing village Dojangpo like a picture and can see 'Windy Hill' as a watercolor when we raise our head. when we stand by an observatory in the south of a road after going up the hill, there is where we become a wizard who looks out over sea. It is named 'Sinseondae'. 'Windy Hill' is a hill covered by belts. Thus, it's old name was 'Ttibatneul'. It is where sea wind always meets visitors since there is long extended clean sea area around there. It makes a wonderful view with blue sea, guls, Hakdong Black Pearl Mongdol Beach and Susan Village from a distance. It also comes to the spotlight as a drama photographing place since sea is well-harmonized with the hill.

Geoje is a treasure island for Korea. It is not that famous compared to the quality of beautiful sceneries. I think this local area has high potential to be a world class tourist attraction with intact nature and wonderful sea views. I expect Korean and foreigners come visit to enjoy this marvelous place, Geoje.

If you need further information about travelling in Geoje,
you must visit this homepage owned by the Geoje city.


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