Korean Bread : The History of Korean Bread

The first introduction of bread is guessed as 1885 by a missionary named underwood and 아펜젤러. Later, the entrance of the Japanese bakeries stimulates the spread of bread in Korea. The famous old-fashioned bread 옛날빵 such as red-bean bread 단팥빵, fresh cream bread 크림빵, strewed bread 소보루 빵was introduced from Japan.


                               < red-bean bread >

After Korean War, having food aid with huge amount of flour from USA, there appear numerous bakeries in Korea, but bread was considered as high class food only for the rich, Around 60’s thanks to flour aid from USA, the government encouraged the use of flour based food. Schools distributed corn bread and milk for free and bread has been recognized to publics.


 < After Korean War,
 Flour food aid from USA >

 At the end of 1960, the mass produced bread appeared, and factories started to make bread in large quantity. People consumed huge amount of mass produced bread during 1970 to 1980.

                            <Mass producued bread in the factory>

Especially during 70’s to 80’s, the mass produced bread and bakery bread co-existed. It is the time apprentice system prevailed and becoming an artisan is the pride.

From the end of 70’s, as the size of bakeries became larger, they began to have the franchise system owning few franchisees. Later in 80’s, Sinra-myunggwa 신라명과, Shany 샤니, Crown Bakery 크라운 베이커리 has joined the franchise market. Since 80’s, customers tended to prefer bakery bread to mass-produced bread due to new tastes on bread quality and freshness based on economic development. This tendency has accelerated; as a result the market share of bakery became twice as much as that of mass-production.

Later on 2000, it is characterized with the rapid development of the franchise bakery and diversification of bread. The Bakery market divided into the franchise bakery such as branded ‘Paris Baguette’ or ‘Tous les Jours’ and the window bakery (self-owned) that individual owns. Until the middle of 2000, the number of window bakeries is four times as many as franchise ones, but nowadays, in 2009, the numbers became almost the same (window approximately 4400, franchise approx. 4300). However the sales of the franchise are twice as big as one of window. It means that the franchise has higher efficiency and better margin.
There are other new types of bakeries such as ‘in-store bakery’, ‘organic bakery’ and ‘quality bakery’.

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