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                                                    <a persimmon tree in Tomong's>

I have two Gam trees at home. I used to break the branches with some ripe Gam on in autumn and bring them to my school to decorate my classroom. I got some compliment from my teacher that I brought the autumn atmosphere to my classmates. I tended to feel proud of my Gam branches.

Chungdo(cheongdo) Gam Wine tunnel

The reason why Chungdo flat persimmon has become popular recently is becuase the persimmons have been matured to make wine. The color of it resembles the white wine, and the taste is that of red wine's bitterness. In another words, it is an unique taste of combining both the red and the white wine. The place of maturing the persimmon wine in also intriguing. Between Kyungsan and Chungdo, the train tunnel completed in 1904 is used as a muturing storage area. It is a gift of nature which continuusly maintains temeratures of 12 degrees in winter, 16 degrees in summer.

You can have special meals with wine in the tunnel, taste several wines, walk through the tunnel appreciating the history of tunnel chages, or keep the wine attached lovely messages with your family or lovers. I have kept one bottle of Gam wine at the bar, so I will take not only wine but also the notes that I left in 2 years. What an expecting moment it will be!

 < regular and special Gam wine / Gamgrin ><Iced Gam wine / Gamgrin >

If you want to get further information about Gam tunnel (persimmon tunnel), follow the links below.

If you want to visit this place, you should prepare or find the way before departure. Because it is not that simple to reach the place.  It is better to master the way before you unplannedly depart.

If you get there without the car renting, First, Get to the Chungdo train station, walk for about 1 minute(it is near), and arrive at the bus terminal. Take the bus and get off at Song-geum church 송금 교회. Unfortunately, you have to walk for 20 minutes after getting off the bus.

If you rent a car, you can register the location of the tunnel. If your navigation works in Korean, you should put in 경북 청도군 화양읍 송금리 252-2번지 or 와인터널. To me, it is the best way to get there.

It is the Korean blog about on the way to Wine tunnel. Although written in Korean, I think you can see the pictures for landmarks.

It opens 9 : 30 am to 8 : 00 pm
The address : 252-2, Songgeum-li, Hwayang-eub, Chungdo, KyungBuk.
                   경북 청도군 화양읍 송금리 252-2번지
Phone : 054-371-1904
Entrance fee : free

Tomong thinks.. It is said that Korean do not pick up all Gams from trees. They always leave some. For what? For poor birds which fly in the chilly winter sky looking for fruits or hiden worms. It is the customs that come down from ancestors and we can understand their virtues. As the Gams are ripening red and we start to pick them, it signals the beginning of cold winter. Yes. It is winter in Korea.

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