Korean Fruit : Winter Strawberries in Season?

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Mom and I went shopping to the grocery store.

Recently I kept eating fast food or instant meal, and I lacked vitamins on my diet. I needed some fruit to get deficient nutritions. So, we walked to the fruit section.


The racks with orange color of mandarine was replaced by fresh-red of strawberries. Vivid red skin dotted with tiny seeds looked so attractive. Without hesitation, I loaded a box of strawberries onto my cart. Strawberry in Winter...

Suddenly, I recalled the time I had an activity of picking strawberries in Australia. But it was in early summer, or maybe in late spring. I wore a short-sleeve shirt and short pants. I sweated on the forehead underneath my cap, squatting along the strawberry bush, under the scorching sun. But here in Korea, Winter strawberry??

“Mom, are strawberries in season now?"
I asked to mom with a inquisitive look. Mom seemed puzzled at first by abruptness and started pondering for a while.

“Yes, it’s funny. I don’t know exactly when they started to sell winter strawberries. Because they began growing strawberries in a green house. We called it shortly ‘house strawberry.”

I nodded, grinning. I heard of green house fruits from news. But why did they do that?

“Mom, why people grow strawberries in winter,
  instead of in summer?”

Mom again fell into her thought, with her eyes rolling. She took some time to arrange her answer and opened her mouth.

“Until 1980, strawberries were in season in early June. But as green houses spreaded, the time got earlier and earlier. And finally, strawberries are on peak in January and February.”

The answer was as clear as my mom’s personality. I understood what she explained, but still I had a quizzical thing in the head. I hastened to ask mom without any paused moment. Because I was afraid that mom felt bothered by my subsequent questions.

“Mom, why do people prefer strawberries in winter?”

Mom smiled to me as if she treated a small child. In fact, I was so curious like a little kid who continued asking her mom countless questions.

“Because, in winter, it takes longer time for strawberries to ripe. It makes strawberries become sweeter and less sour, in other words, very good quality.”  

Mom and I came home with plastic bags on both hands. Yes, also with a box of strawberries. Putting stuff to its right place, I realized this.

Recently I kept watching comedy or meaningless dramas, and I lacked requisite study in my life. I thought I needed not only some fruit, but also knowledge to nourish my brain. So, I walked to the book shelves.



According to a research from Rural Development Administration, the winter strawberry gives 12.5 Bx of sweet level, comparatively spring one gives 10Bx. In addition, The acidity of winter strawberry is 0.7%, while That of spring one is 1%. 

1kg of winter strawberries = 21880won in the supermakets(where I shopped.) : price


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