Korean Food :  McCol, My Favorite Korean Barley Soft drink.


My favorite soft drink, Ever.

It was in the middle of summer.
On the way home, I was hot and thirsty. My white shirt was soaked with sweat. Escaping from scorching hot, I rushed into a supermarket nearby school. I ,still panting, stared at the displayed soft-drinks in the huge fridge. A variety of drinks lay in front of me. I lingered there until a clerk saw me strange for spending so much time, glaring at drinks.

To tell the truth, I was not deciding. I was leisurely enjoying the moment of a decision as a coin-holding consumer. I felt excited to admire those well-arranged rows of various colored cans. And also liked staying beside the refrigerator for a bit of cool air oozing from it.

I already knew which one I was going to buy.
McCol, my favorite soft drink ever, was waiting for my grab.

Alternative for beer!!

McCol was somewhat my alternative for beer. I was so curious about beer allowed only to adults. Soju seemed too strong for young me, while beer(Makju) seemed weak enough even for young me. So I started being craving for beer. As I perceived I was forbidden to drink, I got more strongly desired for it.

One day, a rumor was circulated that McCol was made of mixture of beer and coke. It meant I caught a good chance to fulfill my curiosity of beer. No sooner I heard of it, did I buy a can of McCol. I had already drunk umpteen cans of it, but this time must have been different.

I opened the lid with my hands shaking in excitement. And I gingerly swallowed one morsel like thoroughly examining a experimental liquid. You know what? I certainly felt a hint of beer flavor in it.

Since then, whenever I had a chance to buy a soft drink, undoubtedly, McCol was my choice. Feeling as if I were an adult, I drank it, namely, I swallowed a brown sparkling potion of making oneself adult.

What is McCol?
(extracted from website)

It is the first carbonated drink made of barley in Korea. It lately has attracted much attention because it contains a dietetic fiber. It is a representative barley soda produced via a sanitary facility system using high quality water from the Chojung mineral spring. Balanced with moderate amounts of soda, barley, vitamins and lemon flavor, it has a cool, refreshing and clean taste. Also, no antiseptic treatment is applied to this product.

Vitamins contained in this product are; vitamin C which strengthens the immune function and operates as an anti-oxidizer, vitamin B1, which is known as a nutritious source essential for carbohydrate metabolism, and vitamin B2, which is necessary for nutrition metabolism operating as various enzymes do in a living body


McCol Taste - Love or Hatred?

As you could guess, I seem crazy for it. My appreciation of it ends it up with full of compliments. But, interestingly, I looked for other blogers’ comments on Mccol, and they had a controversy with their opinions diverged into extreme. Love or Hate. Delicious or Disgusting.

Some people say it’s too fuzzy, sour, and with somewhat mysterious feature. They found it disgusting from unexpected flavor, different from coke. They never advise you this drink.

On the other hand, other people, mostly switched from Coke to McCol, fascinated by its unique taste. They say its taste can grow on you, meaning you will get used to it. McCol is very refreshing and contains healthy ingredients –barely extracts, vitamin B1, B2 and C. They admire it as the best drink possibly replacing cola in the future.

Every taste depends upon one’s growth background and circumstance. When travelling totally unknown area for the first time, people must have some trouble on food. Later, they get familiar to its taste and appreciate its true taste. Just like western people enjoy sushi with raw fish on, that they used to feel disgust on.

I assume that a coke drinkers’ tongues got habituated to coke taste,
and feel weird of McCol’s somewhat phony-like taste. But you will get used to it.

So, Why don’t you give a chance to McCol?


Altanative for beer? lollol

My cute defiant action in adolescence. It’s ridiculous making non-alcoholic drink with alcohol. But the young me truly believed that absurd idea. Mercifully, it was not only me who was hooked by silly lie. I can still find some venturous  bloggers experimenting to make McCol by mixing beer and coke! lollol


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